Sunday, January 28, 2007

I still exist :)

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post; work has been pretty crazy/stressful (in more than one capacity), but I don't want to bore you with that here; I suppose I should just take solace in the fact that's it all going to slow down a bit in the next month or so. After that, all attention will be focused on our upcoming honeymoon. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how EXCITED we both are for that!!! Mike hasn't had a vacation since he started at FedEx last January, so he deserves this more than anything.
In other news, I joined the 21st century this week--I finally got an iPod. It's actually my first mp3 player EVER, so I'm pretty stoked. I bought it in advance of my suspected tax return; figured I deserved it since this is the fist time in three years I'm actually getting money back from the government instead of paying them!!! A big thanks to Megan for spending 45 minutes on the phone with me Friday night trying to figure out how to get the songs already on our computer onto my iPod. Now I'll be rockin' out with the rest of civilization! Mike already made fun of me yesterday for jamming to Quiet Riot. Awesome. :)
Other than that, we're just taking it easy on the weekends. Mike & I try to keep things clear on Saturdays & Sundays since we both have them off; with our opposite work schedules during the week, we only see each other right before I leave in the morning, and then maybe about a half-hour or so after he gets home at night. So weekends are OUR time, and they're my favorite part of the week!