Friday, December 30, 2011

This Year vs. Last Year

Last December, I had so much time.

Despite the fact that Nolan was a mere two months old, and big brother Aiden was a precocious two-and-three quarters, I had so much time.

I could plan fun activities, like going to the mall to see Santa (something I’d never done as a kid, but wanted to try with my boys), baking Christmas cookies, and all those holiday bucket list items you’re supposed to cross off. It was the PERFECT time of year to be on maternity leave.

This year, there’s not nearly as much time. My Monday through Friday, 9-5 job (which I am ridiculously thankful for, thankyouverymuch) doesn’t afford me as much time—or to be perfectly honest, energy—to plan so many activities. It sucks because I want to do all the things we did last year (and more), but there are only so many hours in a day, and the boys need to be fed and bathed and read to and then there’s laundry and getting things in order for the sitter’s house (not mention my job) in the morning…just not enough time.

This is a tough balance, this working mom stuff. I’m pretty seasoned at it by now—I’ve got nearly 4 years under my belt—and I’ve got a great amount of help from the hubster, but this time of year, with all the fun and pressures brought on by the holiday season, I notice it a bit more.

But I’ve got to get it in gear. I’ve got big plans for 2012, especially in my personal life. Shedding a few pounds is at the top of that list (seeing myself in my sister’s wedding photos has provided a lot of motivation for that), closely followed by a desire to be more healthy in general (let’s face it—I’m not getting any younger). I also want to be a better mom, wife, employee--all that stuff.

So while I may have started off this post a bit whiney, I'm ending positively. Looking forward to 2012, and wishing everyone else out there the Happiest of New Years :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Things I Think I Think, I'm Sick AGAIN Edition

10. Sad that I end up doing these lists either when I'm home sick, or home with sick kiddos. Obviously from the title, this time it's the former. Sore throat, throbbing ears, pounding headache, and a fever that had me laying on the couch all day yesterday. Doctor's appointment this afternoon--hopefully she can fix me.

9. Sent the boys to the sitter this morning. I figured I was already paying for it, and I was hoping to take a nap, but the timing of my dr. appt killed that plan. Oh well. Might as well keep them on schedule.

8. THISCLOSE to pulling the trigger on a Kindle Fire. It's my present to myself for doing so well with Scentsy over the past two weeks. Plus I love how it's pre-loaded with a ton of children's books, so looks like A & N will be getting some use as well.

7. Can't figure out how Christmas is less than two weeks away. Maternity leave throughout December last year meant I could really soak in the holidays; now I feel as if I trying to jam it all in. Probably why I'm sick. *SIGH*

6. Still trying to process the changes my employer began outlining last week. I don't typically talk about work on here, and thus I will remain strategically vague, but it is public knowledge. I totally understand why it had to happen, but nonetheless, a few of my friends and coworkers lost their jobs. Such a weird dynamic being thankful that I still have my own job, and feeling so terrible for those that got bad news.

5. Nolan has his own little language. With Aiden, we when straight from "MaMa" and "DaDa" to "Why yes, Mother, I'd love a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios!," so it's fun to listen to Nolan telling us all about his day in words & syllables we can't understand. He's got such conviction when he speaks to us--I smile just thinking about it.

4. Aiden had a checkup for his collarbone last Friday; his healing is going wonderfully well. He no longer needs to wear the brace at night, and on Christmas Day, he'll be done with it for good. Can't say I'll miss that thing.

3. Excited to be able to see all my sisters & brother again in just a few weeks. Christmas makes me insanely excited, as do my impending 10 days off work. :):):):):):):):):):)

2. Just remembered I have tickets to another OSU basketball game next month. The only thing to be excited about in January.

1. When Aiden went to the ER for his collarbone, he weighed in at a whopping 26.2 lb. A few days later when I took Nolan to the pediatrician for a nasty cough, he weighed in at 21.5 lb. That's only a five-pound difference, and they're two years eight months a part. I think Nolan might catch up to Aiden by the spring. Things could get very interesting around here...

Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever since I can remember, my nickname has been Beeker. You, know, he of exploding science experiments, crazy orange hair, and a penchant for speaking only in meeps? Yeah, I don't see the connection to he & I either.

Anyways, with the recent release of the new Muppets movie, I've been pretty excited about the availability of new Beeker merchandise. I Googled Beeker today and found some hilarious stuff.

Wonder if Angie would like to try her hand at this? :) (via)

How awesomely creepy!!! (via)

Too cute :) (via)

Must think about for next Halloween. (via)

Definitely want to try this later today... (via)

If I ever get an iPhone, this will definitely be my case! (via)
I. WANT. (via)

So anyways, that's just a brief smattering of the stuff I was giggling at in my Beeker quest. The search continues...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Week (19) in Droid Photos

Lotsa Buckeye basketball. Bear with me.

Sunday 11/27/11: Broken collarbones suck.

Sunday 11/27/11: Nolan is happy whenever there is food. :)

Tuesday 11/29/11: Doin' what we do.

Tuesday 11/29/11: Archie Griffin. HEART HIM.

Tuesday 11/29/11: Clark Kellogg, famous OSU Alum.

Tuesday 11/29/11: So we sat at the top of the arena--big whoop. Wanna fight about it?!

Thursday 12/1/11: Easily THE coolest necklace EVER.

Saturday 12/3/11: Saw this dude at light. No words.

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Duke WHO?!

One of the best decisions I ever made was to join The Ohio State University Alumni Association. It's given me the opportunity to do so many things, both to help my career as well as to satisfy my crazy fandom. This week, Angie & I got to do the second of the two.

You may have heard that Duke came to town to take on our Buckeyes in what was easily one of the biggest non-conference games to ever take place at the Schottenstein Center, especially with OSU ranked #2 and Duke #3. As an alumni, I had the opportunity to purchase game tickets as well as tickets to the Buckeye Bash beforehand. What a great time! We were able to see a brief performance by some of the OSU cheerleaders, and then listen to comments from Archie Griffin, JJ Sullinger, and Clark Kellogg, all while eating catered hors d'ouvers and having a beer (or two, since Angie & I each one a free one). We had a lot of fun hob-nobbing with the other fans in attendance, too.

The Three Muskateers: Angie, Me, and beer. :)


Angie snuck away to get her free beer and ended up with this photo, sans me :(

At least I was able to hit up JJ Sullinger later, though :)

After a quick (if not cold & rainy) walk across the street to the Schott, we bought a few fun things in the team shop and then made our way up to our seats. And by up, I mean to THE VERY TOP OF THE ARENA. Seriously, our backs were up against the wall. No big deal though--at least we where there for a sold-out show!

Even from the top of the arena, the action felt pretty close!

When you're up by 20+ points, you find weird ways to amuse yourself...

And WHAT a show it was--OSU never trailed in the game, and enjoyed a double-digit lead for the majority of the game. Angie & I had a blast; while admittedly a different pace than football, the basketball team was just as entertaining. Which is great, because we have tickets to attend again in January. GO BUCKS!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Week (18) in Droid Photos

I think I lost a week in there somewheres. Oh well.

Monday 11/21/11: Adorable baby will GET YOU

Tuesday 11/222/11: Short work week.

Wednesday 11/23/11: Happy hour to celebrate early release from work.
I wish we could wear our Buckeye gear EVERYDAY.

Friday 11/25/11: Santa sighting.

Friday 11/25/11: Purty.

Friday 11/25/11: An early gift to ourselves--yay Black Friday prices :)

Saturday 11/26/11: <SIGH> So momentous, I'm posting again.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Big Ouchie

I expected to be doing a different kind of post today--one about how proud I was of the Buckeyes for making yesterday's game vs. scUM more interesting than anyone had ever hoped, and about how I'm really looking forward to the impending Urban Meyer as the new head coach announcement, as well as the small possibility of meeting him Tuesday night before the OSU-Duke basketball game. But yesterday we got thrown a bit of a curveball.

Abby & I were getting ready to drop Nolan off with Mimi for a little while so we could set up our Christmas trees for toy donations at work. Aiden had already spent the night at Mimi's, so we were going to pick the both of them up when we were finished and head to Angie's to watch THE GAME. While we were getting in the car, though, we got a call from Mimi that Aiden had fallen off one of the kitchen chairs, and was complaining that he couldn't move his arm.

{Cue crazy Mommy driving}

We arrived at Mimi's, and sure enough, my little guy was crying and keeping his arm quite still. We wasted no time heading to Children's Hospital, and probably looked quite silly walking into that ER decked out in all our Buckeye gear. Abby was a saint for going with us so she could watch Nolan in the waiting room while Mimi & I headed back with Aiden.

He was SO BRAVE. Definitely scared, but brave none the less. He even made silly faces will they were taking the "pictures" (X-rays) of his shoulder. It wasn't very long before we received the diagnosis of a broken right clavicle, which would you believe is the most common type of pediatric bone break? The PT guy came in and showed us how to put on his sling and harness, which has to wear 24 hours a day for the next two weeks, and then only during the day for two weeks after that. Gonna be interesting for a three-year-old. Then they gave Aiden a popsicle, a Matchbox car, and a coloring book, and we were on our way.

So now we have a bit of a wrinkle of for the rest of our holiday season. No worries--this will be something to look back on and giggle about later. And it cracks me up that Aiden LOVES to look at the print-out of his X-ray that clearly shows the break. Such a BOY.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Turkey Day

For Thanksgiving this year, we changed things up a bit. Mike's uncle invited us out to his farm to celebrate the day, and we ended up eating our turkey in his new barn (!). We had a GREAT time; we ate, we shot some hoops, we played with some dogs, we fished, some of us shot some guns (NOT this girl), and we generally just enjoyed the day. :)

The  venue. :)

A bit cold for fishing, but we tried anyways.

Little drummer boy :)

He LOVES this :)

It's been awhile since Mike & I have done one of our goofy photo shoots.

The hills are alive...

So upset that the outhouse door wouldn't open...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

I submit that my 3-year-old is a bigger Foster the People fan than you are.

This happens at my house EVERY. NIGHT.

And after it's done? "ONE MORE TIME, MOMMY!!!"

Best entertainment in town :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Things I Think I Think, It's-Almost-Turkey-Day Edition

10. I. Am. Exhausted. My sister's wedding zapped all my energy, and even led to a sore throat and sinus issues that kept me home from work on Wednesday. Slowly starting to feel like myself again, though,which is good because...

9. ...I NEED to start working out. No more excuses (wedding is over, and my post-baby schlub did wonderful in helping me keep my dress up). I've got about 20 lbs I want to shed, and I just need to eat better in general. Also, there are several weight-loss success stories out there in blogland that have inspired me. So here goes nothing.

8. Despite #9, I WILL be pigging out on turkey next week. It's a holiday, folks. I'm going to enjoy myself. And then it will be back to work the next day.

7. Oh, my (football) Buckeyes. Abby's wedding allowed me to miss our frustrating showing at Purdue last weekend, which was probably good for my blood pressure. We need to make those extra points, guys. You proved it. On the bright side, I'm so excited for basketball this season! Even scored tickets to the Duke game on Nov. 29, and the Buckeye Bash beforehand. STOKED. :)

6. It makes me sad when I have to lower my expectations for people. And I'm going to leave that to all its cryptic mysteriousness.

5. The older I get, the more I enjoy visiting with friends and family. Abby's wedding was ridiculously fun mostly because I got to see so many special people at the same time.

4. Nolan started this new constant yelling thing the other day. It's as cute as it is obnoxious. I giggle at him because he's so intent on making noise, but at the same time, be quiet already, kid!

3. Aiden is really enjoying his swim lessons. With his lean build, maybe this could be a good thing...

2. Disappointed with some of the writing on NCIS this season. Those actors are better than the scripts they're being given. There have a been a few bring spots, but also a few stinkers with predictable plot lines and out-of-character situations. Crossing my fingers they haven't jumped the shark, but it IS the ninth season, after all.

1. Getting excited for Christmas. I've got all my holiday scents from Scentsy ready to use, but I just can't bring myself to do it until after Thanksgiving. Giving thanks that it won't be much longer...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend

My little sister got married this past weekend.

I bet my folks are basking in the glory of marrying off their fourth (and final) daughter right about now. :)

It was a GREAT weekend. Abby & Sean really lucked out on the weather (especially for November in Ohio), and everything went off without a hitch (well, maybe a bit of a stretch for the guests between the ceremony and the reception entrance, but you'll have that. Photos and all.). The food was yummy, the venue was ah-mazing (haunted prison, anyone?!), and the music was bumpin'. A good time was had by all.

As a bridesmaid, I was only able to whip out my camera to catch some of the prep (see here) and then again at the reception. And I guess I'm pretty lucky there aren't any tagged photos of me shaking my sh*t dancing on Facebook (yet).

Brief synopsis aside, and because I know the folks who want to see ALL the photos have probably visited my FB album, here is a brief smattering of a few of my favorite images:

Cupcakes. So many cupcakes.

Me & The Mister

First dance. I didn't get that many photos of the happy couple because they were SO BUSY.

My brother & I have a decided inability to take a normal photo. :)

Special moment: We surprised Megan with the father/daughter dance 
she didn't get to have at her reception 7 years ago because 
Dad was still recovering in the hospital after a car accident. Not a dry eye in the house. :)

Me & my No. 1. He had a BLAST. Nolan did, too, but sans photos. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cousins

One of these days, I'm going to get back to an actual post with words. SO busy recently, and I've come down with the sickies today, so today is not the day.

This past Sunday, while we were all recovering from Abby's wedding, Megan & I took the boys outside at my folks' house for an impromptu photo session. I just love these little guys. The time we got to spend together was short, but definitely sweet. :)

Linking up with and then, she {snapped}.

and then, she {snapped}