Saturday, December 3, 2011

Duke WHO?!

One of the best decisions I ever made was to join The Ohio State University Alumni Association. It's given me the opportunity to do so many things, both to help my career as well as to satisfy my crazy fandom. This week, Angie & I got to do the second of the two.

You may have heard that Duke came to town to take on our Buckeyes in what was easily one of the biggest non-conference games to ever take place at the Schottenstein Center, especially with OSU ranked #2 and Duke #3. As an alumni, I had the opportunity to purchase game tickets as well as tickets to the Buckeye Bash beforehand. What a great time! We were able to see a brief performance by some of the OSU cheerleaders, and then listen to comments from Archie Griffin, JJ Sullinger, and Clark Kellogg, all while eating catered hors d'ouvers and having a beer (or two, since Angie & I each one a free one). We had a lot of fun hob-nobbing with the other fans in attendance, too.

The Three Muskateers: Angie, Me, and beer. :)


Angie snuck away to get her free beer and ended up with this photo, sans me :(

At least I was able to hit up JJ Sullinger later, though :)

After a quick (if not cold & rainy) walk across the street to the Schott, we bought a few fun things in the team shop and then made our way up to our seats. And by up, I mean to THE VERY TOP OF THE ARENA. Seriously, our backs were up against the wall. No big deal though--at least we where there for a sold-out show!

Even from the top of the arena, the action felt pretty close!

When you're up by 20+ points, you find weird ways to amuse yourself...

And WHAT a show it was--OSU never trailed in the game, and enjoyed a double-digit lead for the majority of the game. Angie & I had a blast; while admittedly a different pace than football, the basketball team was just as entertaining. Which is great, because we have tickets to attend again in January. GO BUCKS!!!

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