Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever since I can remember, my nickname has been Beeker. You, know, he of exploding science experiments, crazy orange hair, and a penchant for speaking only in meeps? Yeah, I don't see the connection to he & I either.

Anyways, with the recent release of the new Muppets movie, I've been pretty excited about the availability of new Beeker merchandise. I Googled Beeker today and found some hilarious stuff.

Wonder if Angie would like to try her hand at this? :) (via)

How awesomely creepy!!! (via)

Too cute :) (via)

Must think about for next Halloween. (via)

Definitely want to try this later today... (via)

If I ever get an iPhone, this will definitely be my case! (via)
I. WANT. (via)

So anyways, that's just a brief smattering of the stuff I was giggling at in my Beeker quest. The search continues...

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