Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ten Months Old

Double-digit months.

There are only two stickers left.

I don't even...

Justin's had a great month, just a-growin' and a changin'. Mixed with my L-O-V-E of fall, it's just been a hunky-dory mess of happiness around here lately.

At ten months, Justin:

--is by my estimate around 22 lbs (no official weight stats until is 12-month well visit). Dude hurts my back.
--is easily in 12-month clothes, and possibly ready to move up to 18-monthers. Which is cool, because we are STOCKED in that size (one reason having three boys is awesome).
--can now pick up puffs!!! It's not very pretty, but he gets the job done. So I'm a touch excited to start giving him something other than pureed foods.

--has mastered crawling, standing, and cruising. Part of me thinks I'll be documenting his first steps by his next monthly update. E-gads.
--is still rockin' just the five teeth, but more are on the way.
--thinks his brothers are about the coolest things ever. He actually tries to wrestle (wrestle!!!) with them. It's ridiculously cute until Nolan forgets he's a baby.
--has discovered a love of reading. And ripping out the pages of non-board books.

--loves to do "Soooooooo Big!" by raising his arms high above his head. We're still working on "O-H-I-O."
--has somehow managed to make his older brothers get along better with his presence. They both adore him and somehow that has increased the harmony between the two of them. Smiles all around. :)

Check out how he compares to Aiden and Nolan at ten months.