Sunday, July 23, 2006

What a riot!!!

Just got back from seeing Harland Williams--he's got to be the FUNNIEST PERSON ALIVE!!! This is the second time we've seen him, and it's the second time I thought I was going to pee my pants! If you ever get the chance to see him, GO!!! :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Take THAT, Verizon!!!

So some of you know I was pretty upset last week with Verizon, our wonderful cell phone service provider. Mike went into a location to get a new phone (he was due--his other one was literally a piece of crap); we planned on him getting his new phone and then getting a free one for me, as was their promotion. Well, they informed him that only new customers could receive the free phone, so I was out of luck. I was pretty mad because I had gotten my hopes up; my frustration was rooted in the fact that I HATE my current phone (Motorola just SUCKS), so I was pretty upset. Well, yesterday I went on Verizon's Web site to update my last name & address (I think I'm finally done doing that!), and discovered that even though I had not yet had my current phone for two years, I was still eligible for a $100 credit towards a new phone. So I shopped a bit and discovered that just by ordering online, I was also eligible for a $50 discount. To end my story, I got the exact same $150 phone that Mike got last week FOR FREE, simply by going online!!! And it arrives tomorrow!!! TAKE THAT, VERIZON!!!! The moral of the story, I suppose, is to order your next new phone ONLINE!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Headed up to Mansfield today to celebrate G's 2nd birthday--good times, though it was VERY HOT!!! A happy birthday shoutout also goes to MEGAN--Mike says welcome to the 28 club! :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Work has slowed down a bit for me this week (a welcome change, as all of you who know the details of the past two weeks can attest). Unfortunately, though, the extra time on my hands now has me wondering about . . . stuff. Like, for instance, the fact that Mike & I want to buy a house. Rumor has it that I'm a pretty impatient person (so is Mike--no wonder we're each other's perfect match!), so once we started talking about the fact that we never want to rent again, I wanted the house immediately. Such is not reality, however; we've got some debt to pay down first before we take on that much more. We hope to begin looking earnestly in the spring, and we're thinking the Westerville area as of right now. The whole house thing really affects the other "stuff" I've been wondering about . . . kids (now don't have a heart attack--it's not in the immediate future). In discussions we've had, I've told Mike that I'd like to have a house before we think about starting a family, but also that I'd like to have at least one child by the time I'm 30. So I guess that gives us a good three years. It's so funny the different perspective marriage has given me; before I met Mike, this stuff wouldn't even have been on my radar. It's like getting married has somehow given me license to think about it. Weird.

Thursday, July 6, 2006


You know, the cooler weather today really has me craving my Buckeyes. I can't wait for my boys to take the field! Should be an interesting year. I'm trying to get tickets to the first game since I missed the deadline for the Indiana tickets (I seem to remember having a wedding or something around the time the money was due). Keep your fingers crossed for Mike & I to be among the 105,000+ to cheer the Bucks on September 2!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Just saw "Superman Returns"...

...and I think it is THE BEST MOVIE I have seen in a LONG TIME. Seriously, they nailed it. I almost cried during the opening credits, especially with the music blaring that oh-so familiar theme and the block-letter names flying towards the audience. It reminded me of Sunday evenings long ago when Mom & Dad would let us stay up to watch special presentations of the old Superman movies. We'd all have on our PJs (the ones with the footies!), and if we were really lucky, Mom would even make popcorn (sometimes throwing it in a paper bag with butter and cheese--mmmmmmmmm). I think the nostalgia was what brought on the near tear-flow. But anyways, definitely a great way to spend a few hours--GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!