Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Times, Stupid Rain, Bad Cold

I should have known that my first vacation since April would mean that I would wake up with a cold. Go figure. I also should have guessed that Aiden would be extremely Mommy-centric when both sets of aunts and uncles from out of state were visiting, meaning that he pretty much wouldn't let anyone hold him BUT me. So you can imagine the slight damper this put on the past few days, with my congestion and Aiden's neediness. You know what, though? It was all worth it, 'cause I got to see my family :)
On Thursday morning, the Vegas & Dills came down to Columbus so that we could all get our portraits taken together. See the slideshow below for the highlights; as you can see, things started to get a bit silly by the end, culminating in a pose where we asked for the ugliest background they had, and then we all just started grabbing random props. A true masterpiece to be sure.

On Saturday, we had our combination baby shower / cookout for Megan & Denver. As is Megan's luck with weather, it rained (just as it did for her graduation party and wedding). No worries there, though; everyone who attended said they had a great time. Megan got lots of nice things for Baby Dill, who is due to arrive in just nine short weeks now! So excited to see if we're getting a new niece or nephew, though I'm leaning towards nephew after seeing Megan. After opening the gifts, we devoured the beautiful cake that Angie made. As the party wound down, so did the rain, and the sun came out. Not even kidding.
On Sunday, we celebrated Gary's fifth birthday at the same park we've gone to for his past three birthdays. We started out the festivities with a bit of a scare as the car carrying Joel, Gary, Lexi, and Grandma E was rear-ended while trying to turn into the parking lot (you can imagine our nervousness as we pulled up to the scene, especially given our history with car accidents). Luckily everyone was okay, so we went on with the party. We only had a tiny sprinkle of rain, but there was a constant wind (not a breeze, a wind), but at least this was the first year I can remember where it wasn't unbearably hot. Everyone again had a great time--see the photos below for the proof :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Strange Week

Well, those of you who know where I work probably heard about the upheaval there this week. The company let 550 folks go on Wednesday. We knew something was coming; we'd heard rumors of an announcement for months, so admittedly I was on edge about it for quite awhile. About five minutes before I left on Wednesday, I learned that I was safe, but that my job is going to change COMPLETELY. I'm really excited about the opportunity, but admittedly nervous about the unknown. I'm also relieved that so many of my friends (especially Angie!) and co-workers were spared, but I feel bad that their functions may be changing in way they weren't expecting. Definitely a difficult week at work.
On a (much) happier note, I attended the wedding of my friend and co-worker Julie last night. It was a beautiful ceremony, and Julie looked simply stunning. She & her new husband Dave seem like a match made in heaven, so I couldn't be happier for them. Or jealous, for that matter, as now they're off Hawaii and Las Vegas for the next two weeks.
Next up for us: four relatively normal days, and then the Vegas & Dills will be descending on Ohio for a few fun-filled days! I am soooooooo excited to see everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Growing Up So Fast

I was sitting at the dinner table with Mike & my younger sister Abby on Friday night. While a rerun of America's Funniest Home Videos played on the TV behind me, I looked at Aiden, watching him clap (because heck, that's what the studio audience was doing, so he'd better do it, too!). Before I realized it, I was overcome with the sudden sadness that my baby was growing up just too darned fast. In the past week, he had become a champion walker (he's not without his falls, but he's much better than he was) and learned a lot of new words. He's also lost that baby-look, taking on instead much more of a "little boy" appearance. It all became a little too much for me, and I got pretty teary right there at the table (much to Mike's and Abby's amusement). I suppose this isn't the last of those moments I'm going to have for the rest of my life...
Sorry that there are no pictures of the beautiful sandbox that I promised; it seemed that the local meteorologists got Saturday's forecast dead wrong, and so it stormed & poured during our entire play date. Add to that a certain little boy who desperately needed a nap, and you have one play date that I certainly hadn't expected. It was fun, though, in a drenched sort of way. The sand in the box is still a bit wet & clumpy, but no worries for Aiden; he decided that playing in Mommy's mulch was just as fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This and That


We were dealt a bit of a blow yesterday when Aiden's babysitter let us know she was moving out of state in six weeks. I was pretty bummed, not only because I am so happy with her service, but also because she was so hard to find in the first place! We do wish her all the best as we know this is an exciting opportunity. Luckily, we think we've found a solution; starting in September, Aiden will be attending the same daycare that his buddy at the sitter's house is going to. That part is my favorite because at least there will be a familiar face to help ease the transition. This new place was also recommended to me by a co-worker, and after checking it out this afternoon, I was sold. The other nice part is that we'll be saving some money. :)
In other news, Aiden's mood has improved considerably in the past few days (or as I've been saying, "He likes me again!"). I've got my buddy back! We've got the monthly play date at our house this Saturday, and as it's going to be hot, we're excited to try out both the swimming pool and the AWESOME new sandbox that Grandpa Cotter built for Aiden--stay tuned for pictures!
I leave you with a video that shows how far Aiden is coming (or going?) with his walking. Enjoy! :)

On the Go from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not trying to whine, but...

...we've been going through a few rough days here at the Cotter house. Aiden is getting his molars in (we've had one break through already), and it's put him in a HORRIBLE mood. On Wednesday, I worked from home so I could keep an eye on his fever. He slept a good five hours between his two naps, so I was actually able to get quite a bit of work done. You knew he was in a crummy mood when he didn't want to see Angie or Abby during our trip to drop off / pick up more work. On Thursday, I had an all-day class at OSU, and Aiden went back to the sitter, who also reported that he wasn't in the best mood. Friday was a day off for the holiday, and so we headed to the mall with Mimi to do some shopping, which was apparently pushing it because he had a meltdown in the food court. Also, I finally got my wish; after months of preferring to say "Daddy," Aiden has finally decided that "Mommy" is the word to use; it's almost like this clip:

He seriously says "Mommy!" about 20 times in a row without a breath. A little annoying, but I honestly love it. But after day of crying when I was without him and crying when I was with him, I must admit I didn't mind handing him over to Mimi while Mike & I went to celebrate Lawrene's 30th birthday.
Yesterday, the fourth, was actually not too bad. Aiden's mood hadn't improved all that much, but he did seem to have a pretty good time as we headed to Alum Creek for a random picnic with Mike's folks. My child is officially a fish, though; he loves the water, and merely putting his feet in wasn't enough, so I'm looking in to signing him & Mike up for swimming lessons (Mike will have to go because whereas Aiden is a fish, I am a rock).
Today we've got some shopping lined up, and I'm hoping Aiden can handle it. It's the days like we've had this past week that really make me appreciate the normal, mild-mannered child I know is in there. Somewhere. :)