Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not trying to whine, but...

...we've been going through a few rough days here at the Cotter house. Aiden is getting his molars in (we've had one break through already), and it's put him in a HORRIBLE mood. On Wednesday, I worked from home so I could keep an eye on his fever. He slept a good five hours between his two naps, so I was actually able to get quite a bit of work done. You knew he was in a crummy mood when he didn't want to see Angie or Abby during our trip to drop off / pick up more work. On Thursday, I had an all-day class at OSU, and Aiden went back to the sitter, who also reported that he wasn't in the best mood. Friday was a day off for the holiday, and so we headed to the mall with Mimi to do some shopping, which was apparently pushing it because he had a meltdown in the food court. Also, I finally got my wish; after months of preferring to say "Daddy," Aiden has finally decided that "Mommy" is the word to use; it's almost like this clip:

He seriously says "Mommy!" about 20 times in a row without a breath. A little annoying, but I honestly love it. But after day of crying when I was without him and crying when I was with him, I must admit I didn't mind handing him over to Mimi while Mike & I went to celebrate Lawrene's 30th birthday.
Yesterday, the fourth, was actually not too bad. Aiden's mood hadn't improved all that much, but he did seem to have a pretty good time as we headed to Alum Creek for a random picnic with Mike's folks. My child is officially a fish, though; he loves the water, and merely putting his feet in wasn't enough, so I'm looking in to signing him & Mike up for swimming lessons (Mike will have to go because whereas Aiden is a fish, I am a rock).
Today we've got some shopping lined up, and I'm hoping Aiden can handle it. It's the days like we've had this past week that really make me appreciate the normal, mild-mannered child I know is in there. Somewhere. :)

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