Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Times, Stupid Rain, Bad Cold

I should have known that my first vacation since April would mean that I would wake up with a cold. Go figure. I also should have guessed that Aiden would be extremely Mommy-centric when both sets of aunts and uncles from out of state were visiting, meaning that he pretty much wouldn't let anyone hold him BUT me. So you can imagine the slight damper this put on the past few days, with my congestion and Aiden's neediness. You know what, though? It was all worth it, 'cause I got to see my family :)
On Thursday morning, the Vegas & Dills came down to Columbus so that we could all get our portraits taken together. See the slideshow below for the highlights; as you can see, things started to get a bit silly by the end, culminating in a pose where we asked for the ugliest background they had, and then we all just started grabbing random props. A true masterpiece to be sure.

On Saturday, we had our combination baby shower / cookout for Megan & Denver. As is Megan's luck with weather, it rained (just as it did for her graduation party and wedding). No worries there, though; everyone who attended said they had a great time. Megan got lots of nice things for Baby Dill, who is due to arrive in just nine short weeks now! So excited to see if we're getting a new niece or nephew, though I'm leaning towards nephew after seeing Megan. After opening the gifts, we devoured the beautiful cake that Angie made. As the party wound down, so did the rain, and the sun came out. Not even kidding.
On Sunday, we celebrated Gary's fifth birthday at the same park we've gone to for his past three birthdays. We started out the festivities with a bit of a scare as the car carrying Joel, Gary, Lexi, and Grandma E was rear-ended while trying to turn into the parking lot (you can imagine our nervousness as we pulled up to the scene, especially given our history with car accidents). Luckily everyone was okay, so we went on with the party. We only had a tiny sprinkle of rain, but there was a constant wind (not a breeze, a wind), but at least this was the first year I can remember where it wasn't unbearably hot. Everyone again had a great time--see the photos below for the proof :)

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