Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monthly Mumbles, December Edition

10. I need to get back my blogging mojo. For realsies. One post in each of the last two months just isn’t cool. Though we have been enjoying ourselves around here. Mike’s work schedule is changing yet again, though, so I’m going to have to make time.

9. My darling Justin turned one last week. What the what?! Easily the fastest year of my life. We had a whole weekend of celebrating his huge milestone, complete with a both a Christmas party at the Shamrock Club where the boys got to meet Santa, and my little man’s own candy-cane themed birthday party yesterday. Yup. Mommy’s tired. 

8. The weekend wasn’t all good, though; my Buckeyes lost their first game (in two years!) Saturday night to M*ch*gan Lite (MSU). Truth be told, it’s okay. Until we can get a solid defense, I’d rather not lose another National Championship. So it’s the Orange Bowl for us, which makes me very happy since it’s on a Friday night! GO BUCKS!!!

7. Aiden is just rockin’ and rollin’ his way through kindergarten. He’s already reading books!!! I know I sure wasn’t that quickly. It’s awesome to watch him learn tricks to sound out words he’s unfamiliar with. The kid, like his brothers, is just growing up way too darned fast.

6. I CANNOT listen to enough Christmas music this year. Seriously. I have worn out the Mannheim Steamroller channel on Pandora because I’ve been listening at work since November 1st. And I play it every time I’m in the car. Gotta get my fix, ‘cause before you know it, the holidays will be over, and we’ll have spring to look forward to…

5. Got my third Erin Condren Life Planner last month. Oh, how I love these glorious books. They’re just so pretty and organized and GAH I LOVE THEM. I was even able to customize my cover to reflect my love for scarlet & gray. :)

4. Very excited about a new fundraising initiative I’m going to help facilitate at work in February. A co-worker made me aware of The Pajama Program, whose mission is to get books and pajamas in the hands of needy children. What a great cause! Click on the link if you’re interested in finding out more.

3. Turning three hasn’t really done anything to alleviate our roller coaster ride with Nolan’s behavior. I was especially hopeful when he had a stretch of a few good weeks around his birthday…and then things went right back to difficult. We tried every tactic we can think of with him, but nothing works more than twice. And what sucks is that he’s a bona fide sweetheart when he wants to be. But he just rarely wants to be. *SIGH*

2. I know you’re all on pins & needles to find out my opinion on the newest NCIS character, Agent Ellie Bishop. Truth is, I don’t hate her. I wanted to, which I found odd. I didn’t realize I would miss Ziva this much. But Ellie might be just quirky enough to keep me interested.

1. I’ve made a calculated effort to make our holidays as stress-free as possible this year, especially since we’ve now got a December birthday boy in the house. And so far it’s worked out great. Shopping is done, gifts are wrapped, and cards have been sent. I’ll have a few days off with the kids before the big day, so I’ll let them help me with the baking. But I don’t think we’re going to be victims of any last minute forgetfulness, and that is really helping my anxiety. We’ve even gone to see the light show at the zoo (for the first time) already, and have plans to do it again!!! Making memories, good times. :)

Friday, December 6, 2013


The day of your birth was not without drama.

But we made it though. Truth be told, I'd endure it all over again a thousand times to get your sweet self as reward.

Happy First Birthday to my third scrunchy-faced munchkin, and here's to many, many more. :)