Thursday, May 31, 2012

Monthly Mumbles, May (BARELY) Edition

10. First off, an apology for my hiatus. Growing my third human has done a number on my motivation.

9. Speaking of the bambino—everything is going great. Heard a nice strong heart rate of 156 bpm at the OB on Tuesday. Blood test results revealed low platelets (SHOCKING, I know), but not crazy low yet. Thrombocytopenia, welcome back. This is your last chance to wreak havoc on my pregnant body.

8. I may have said the bambino is fine, but I haven’t necessarily been. I’ve endured my typical first-trimester fatigue, but the nausea this time around has been a bit unforgiving. With the boys, I only felt cruddy in the evenings, and this has been an all-day dealio. It seems to be subsiding a bit in recent days, and I broke down and filled a prescription of phenegrin (sp?), which also seems to have helped. Definitely experiencing more acne than with the other two. More than ready for this stage to be over. And so is my husband.

7. Submitted Aiden’s paperwork for preschool yesterday. It just floors me that we’re at that point with him. And to be talking Kindergarten for next year? Schnikes.

6. NCIS finale from a few weeks back? Pretty much their most awesome episode in a L-O-N-G time. Finally, a bona fide cliffhanger. September can hurry up and get here any time now.

5. I get to meet Urban Meyer next Saturday. I can’t even tell you how excited that makes me. I’m sure I’ll have a recap of Angie’s and my impending adventure at the OSU Women’s Clinic.

4. Mike’s & my anniversary is this Sunday. We’re celebrating with a “date day” of sorts on Saturday, which will include a viewing of The Hunger Games (FINALLY). Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already since we tied the knot. Hope he’s not getting tired of me yet. :)

3. I’m on vacation staycation for the first 10 days of June, and the weather calls for sunny skies with highs in the upper 70s for the duration. WOWZA! I NEVER get good weather for my weeks off! Now to figure out what to do with all that free time with just me & my munchkins…

2. My sister & her family are moving back to Ohio after 6 long years in the Carolinas!!! I’m so happy for them to be northerners again, and to hear them, so are they! :) Aiden is excited that he’ll actually live in the same state as at least ONE of his cousins!!!

1. Finding out Bambino’s gender in just a few short weeks. As I said before, I’m fine either way. But I bought a gender-specific baby book on a whim, which means I just confirmed the baby will be the opposite of what I chose. Oh well, no worries. Except that we can’t agree on a boy name. Maybe we should go with something gender neutral, like Shannon…could take all the pressure off…

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cuttin' to the Chase--We're Pregnant :)

Here we go again. :)

Mike & I decided sometime in March that maybe our little family wasn’t quite big enough, so perhaps we ought to try for one more.

Didn’t take very long for that one more to materialize--we got this readout the day before Easter. :)

As long as everything goes well, the boys should be getting a new sibling in December--somewhere right around 12/12/12. Aiden’s pretty excited, and Nolan could care less.

We’ve got lots of stuff to figure out—moving the boys in the same room, potty training Nolan (I don’t really want to have two in diapers for very long), childcare for three (UGH), that kind of thing. But we’ve got some time.

From the few folks that have known about this little bambino already, I’ve gotten a few questions about gender preference. I would just like to say once and for all, and with genuine honesty, that I. DON’T. CARE. The assumption seems to be that since I already have two boys, I would obviously want a girl to have that “mother-daughter experience.” That would be all well and good if it happened, but I would be just as happy with another little man to cuddle. No matter how many times I think about it, the pros & cons completely even out for me, so seriously, no preference other than for a healthy baby.*

*Not the case for Mike, though. He definitely wants a girl, but then again he never had a sister as opposed to me having three, so maybe there’s your answer.

So yeah, excited, scared, nervous, impatient, sick (MUCH more this time, actually)—all those things. Should be another fun ride, and I'm thrilled to be a mommy to another miracle. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Week (34) in Droid Photos

Saturday 4/28/12: Bright-eyed in a basket.

Sunday 4/29/12: Why good morning, Mommy!!!

Sunday 4/29/12: March for Babies with Aunt Abby :)

Sunday 4/29/12: Waiting patiently for swim lessons to start.

Tuesday 5/1/12: Chillaxin'

Tuesday 5/1/12: Watchin' the thunderstorm.

Friday 5/4/12: Cinco de Mayo party @ work = huge paper flower in my hair

Friday 5/4/12: Caught in another thunderstorm during date night
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