Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Latest Look at Aiden!

We broke down and decided to do the 3-D Ultrasound this week, and it's a decision we don't regret--seriously, look how CUTE this kid is! (I know, I'm his mom, so slight bias there :)) Since Mike had to work, I was accompanied by Mike's mom, Angie, & Abby, and we had a great time watching Aiden on the big screen TV they had set up. According to the technician, this "little" guy is a bit of a chunk--his measurements put him at about 5 lb 4 oz, which is typical of a baby at 34 weeks--NOT the 32 1/2 I'm at! She seems to think that if he goes full-term, he'll be 9 lbs!!!! YIKES!!!! I think the photos are showing a lot of Mike's characteristics (especially the ears and lips), and the tech said he does have a little bit of hair on top; we've got a few more weeks before we find out what color it is :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lex Baby Shower

I had my first Baby Shower yesterday, and it was a blast! It was put on at my mom's house by my mom, and two of my sisters--Megan & Abby. They did a fantastic job! The only problem was that it was a LITTLE bit cold (I think our high was like 5 degrees or something like that), but obviously that couldn't be helped. :) All of the guests were extremely generous--thanks to all of you! When Aiden gets outta the womb, I'm sure he'll give big slobbery kisses to thank you all properly!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A peek at the nursery set...

Mike & I have gotten a lot of stuff done in preparation for our little peanut this past week; we scheduled both our hospital tour and birthing class (YIKES!), and we purchased our crib, crib mattress, and travel system (thanks to a GREAT deal at Burlington Coat Factory--LOVE that store). I know it may seem a bit early to assemble of the stuff, but since BCF has a limit on when you can return items, I wanted to make sure our stuff was kosher in advance. Hence the TEENSY amount of room to walk around in our bedroom due to the new crib. LOVE THE CRIB AND LOVE THE BED SET, though--can't wait to see Aiden sleeping in it!