Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Latest Look at Aiden!

We broke down and decided to do the 3-D Ultrasound this week, and it's a decision we don't regret--seriously, look how CUTE this kid is! (I know, I'm his mom, so slight bias there :)) Since Mike had to work, I was accompanied by Mike's mom, Angie, & Abby, and we had a great time watching Aiden on the big screen TV they had set up. According to the technician, this "little" guy is a bit of a chunk--his measurements put him at about 5 lb 4 oz, which is typical of a baby at 34 weeks--NOT the 32 1/2 I'm at! She seems to think that if he goes full-term, he'll be 9 lbs!!!! YIKES!!!! I think the photos are showing a lot of Mike's characteristics (especially the ears and lips), and the tech said he does have a little bit of hair on top; we've got a few more weeks before we find out what color it is :)


  1. Those turned out great! He DOES have big cheeks :)

  2. Aaawwwwwwww, so cute! I want to pinch the other cheeks, too!

  3. Awe, he does look a lot like Mike!! We love the whole talk to the hand picture. Hes alreay saying "DONT TAKE THE PICTURE YET IM NOT READY"!!!!