Monday, March 30, 2009

Awww Shucks

I just love coming home to flowers :)

Score one for the husband :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Weekend, Another Cold

Poor Aiden just can't catch a break. There's a little boy at his sitter that has an older brother who goes to daycare, and we're convinced that's where are the colds come from since he always seems to get them first. The good news is that this cold had a bark MUCH worse than its bite; Aiden seemed to feel well enough other than a slight runny nose and an intermittent cough, but the thing that really gave him away was the laryngitis. Seriously, his poor little cry sounded soooooo pathetic with no voice behind it! He even fell asleep on me today, which he hasn't done in a LONG time (sorry for no makeup in the photo--other than a trip to the grocery store this morning, we didn't leave the house due to cold and windy weather). Tomorrow we start another week, and then it's a week with Aiden all to myself!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sharing Some Randomness

I've been telling folks for awhile now that Aiden responds when we tell him no; he'll shake his head and wave his arm back and forth, which actually is pretty comical. I managed to get a tiny video of it, though his hand waving turns into a bit of hand-clapping (what can I say, he's proud):
No No No from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.
The next video doesn't have much rhyme or reason; we were just hanging out in his bedroom and exploring what was in his toy box while waiting for Daddy to get home, and I had the camera with me. Enjoy a little taste of the randomness of our lives :)

Toys in the Bedroom from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Mike actually got to open his gifts from Aiden & me last night. I bought him a new coffee maker; we'd had one before, but not one that was programmable. I figured it would help him out in the mornings while he's getting both himself and Aiden ready for the day. To match, Aiden bought him a coffee mug with a photo of the two of them. Despite the fact that my husband isn't real big on getting gifts, I think he will really enjoy both :)
Tonight, we're headed out to Buca di Beppo with Mimi & Grandpa, and then on Friday Mike & I will have a date night. Should be a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The New Face

In the past few days, Aiden has really been experimenting with his facial expressions; he's getting very good at mimicking whatever you present him with. Unfortunately for us, his new favorite is the "Mean Scrunchy Face," seen above. It's HYSTERICAL, but not quite so funny when he does it to strangers in public! The greeter at Kroger's saw him and said "What a cute little guy!" I was about to say thanks, but I looked down and to my horror saw that Aiden was making this face! I think this is something we're going to have to work on :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Lazy Sunday Morning

I HEART SPRING. Seriously--it just puts me in a deliriously happy mood when the weather starts getting warmer. Yesterday Mike & I went our separate ways most of the day--Aiden & I to his playdate at Angie's (what fun!) and Mike to pick up a new driver's side mirror and then to work for a bit--but then met up again in the evening to head to the grocery store. Talk about the perfect time to go--Kroger's was pretty much dead, so it was much easier to maneuver the isles that on our usual Sunday noontime trip. Today we're just hoping to get the laundry done, and maybe a few outdoor chores as it's supposed to be even warmer today. So far we've just been taking it easy, though Mike did make us a great breakfast. And as you can see in the photo, Mr. Aiden is turning into quite the monkey--apparently all the cool kids are now sitting in their highchairs like this. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


THANK GOD spring is here! I've been waiting for this since the first day of winter! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Heck of a Gift

We were quite surprised, while opening gifts at Aiden's party on Saturday, to find this in the gift bag from Aunt Megan and Uncle Denver:

Needless to say we're just a bit excited--what a great birthday gift!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Birthday That Was

What a fantastically fun weekend we just had, celebrating Aiden's first birthday! On Friday, we started things out (EARLY, I might add) by waking up around 6 AM to see Aiden's photo on Channel 10 News (which is the photo to the left)! It was funny to listen to the newscasters talk about how excited he looked in his photo, as well as what a great Irish name he had. :) We found out on Tuesday that my oldest sister Heidi (and my nephew Gary) had decided at the last minute to make the trek up to Ohio from South Carolina to attend the party! Needless to say we were excited, especially since my other out-of-state sister Megan was already flying in, too, so all five Kirschenheiter kids would be together at that same time--a rarity to say the least. Aiden is so lucky to have such great aunts. :)
Party time on Saturday was awesome, even if a certain birthday boy was a bit tired and cranky; since turning one, he seems to have decided that naps are no longer necessary! I can't blame him, though, for wanting to stay awake and be a part of all the festivities. We went with a St. Patrick's Day theme for several reasons; one, WE'RE IRISH; two, I had A LOT of decorations to choose from, and three, Aiden just looks darn cute in green! I think everything looked great. First, we ate--our spread consisted of pizza, yummy garlic salad, these neat jalapeno-cream cheese-bacon thingies courtesy of Aunt Megan (DELISH), potato chips, and for dessert later, chocolate cupcakes and a BEAUTIFUL yellow cake, courtesy of the very talented Aunt Angie.After that, everyone gathered in the living room to watch Aiden open his gifts. He got a great variety, including some much-needed summertime clothes, some new toys (including a swing for the back porch, a Grover puppet, some jumbo-Legos, and other fun stuff) as well as some cash and gift cards that we'll be sure to spend soon! Then it was back into the kitchen to sing Happy Birthday to our big boy. He seemed totally perplexed by the candle on his cake (see the video below--you may want to turn your volume down because it is a bit loud), and he wasn't too sure about eating that cupcake, either, but I think his lack-of-a-nap contributed to that. In all, we had sooooooo much fun--in fact, someone was so tuckered out once the last of our guests left that he took a 2 1/2 hour nap! We CAN'T WAIT to do this again next year!
Untitled from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Year Ago

I remember waking up that morning knowing that I would be a completely different person by day’s end (as it turned out, it was just past day’s end).

I remember looking around at the apartment one last time, knowing I wouldn’t be back for a few days.

I remember, as I followed your daddy (dragging my suitcase) down the long front walkway to the car, that it was relatively warm outside for mid-March, and that the previous weekend’s 20+ inches of snow had already melted considerably.

I remember our ridiculous attempt at small talk on the way to the hospital.

I remember our anger as we nearly got in a car accident in the intersection in front of the hospital because some jerk cut us off.

I remember the kind smiles of strangers in the hallways since it was hard for me to hide the evidence of the happy occasion that required my presence in the hospital.

I remember checking in at the desk, and quickly being shown to our “suite,” and wondering how such a technologically upscale room could have such an archaic television.

I remember changing into the hospital gown and posing for Mike in all my very pregnant glory.

I remember sitting in the bed and calling my mom to tell her it was on.

I remember our first nurse coming in, setting up my IV & pitocin drip, and asking all kinds of questions; then I asked her when I was supposed to pay my co-pay.

I remember when the doctor, accompanied by several other doctors, came in to start my foley induction, and how the procedure erased any modesty I might have been holding onto.

I remember the steady beat of your heart on the monitor, and how comforting it was.

I remember watching “A Baby Story” while holding your daddy’s hand, waiting for the inevitable.

I remember when the first contractions came, and realized I had felt that pain before, only with a much different and sad outcome.

I remember sitting on the exercise ball and deciding that whomever had decided it was a great tool for labor MUST have been a man.

I remember visitors—your Mimi & Grandpa, your Aunt Abby, your great-aunt Jodi, and my former boss & good friend Hugh—coming in and out of the room over the next several hours.

I remember the dozen pink roses that Hugh brought because he was still mad his guess that you were a girl was incorrect.

I remember the nurse telling me she expected Aiden to arrive by around 7 PM, and thinking she was absolutely crazy.

I remember the nurse giving me some pain medication and feeling instantly drunk as a result.

I remember having to get off the phone while giving an update to Angie because I had to throw up. So much for the pain meds.

I remember my nurse telling me I wasn’t going to make it without an epidural.

I remember the removal of the foley and the gush of liquid as my water broke, and smiling as the nurse told me I was at 5 centimeters

I remember the nurse coming gleefully back in the room and telling me she’d convinced the anesthesiologist to give me the epidural.

I remember holding Mike’s hand as I got the epidural, and thinking that wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d heard it would be.

I remember the next several hours, as new nurse after new nurse (they were quite busy that evening) came to check my progress, and all said the same thing—5 cm and holding.

I remember how scared I was every time I heard your heart rate drop when they’d dose the pitocin—seems you weren’t too keen on coming out of that comfy womb.

I remember at the nurse asking me if I was disappointed after they finally told me I needed a C-section, and me saying incredulously “NO—let’s get him out of there!”

I remember your daddy & I sending texts about the C-section to our waiting friends & family and then turning off our phones, only to have the nurse come back in and say they wanted to wait a few more hours.

I remember your daddy snoring softly in his chair as I breathed into the oxygen mask, praying feverishly that your heart rate didn’t drop again.

I remember the nurse finally coming in to get us prepped to go to the OR; she gave me some medicine that was supposed to prevent me from throwing up. Of course, I immediately threw THAT up.

I remember your daddy, standing in his scrubs, looking extremely nervous about what was about to happen.

I remember being wheeled into the OR, and how bright and clinical that room felt.

I remember throwing up a few times more on the table.

I remember my OB asking me if I could feel a pinch, and telling her no; she replied, “Good, because I was grabbing you with these (she held up a sharp pair of plyer-type things)—that means we’re ready to go.”

I remember your daddy holding my hand as we both tried to wrap our minds around exactly what was happening.

I remember feeling a lot of pressure as one doctor leaned on my ribcage so my OB could dig around inside me, trying to get a good grip on you.

I remember her saying, “No wonder he didn’t want to come out—he’s backwards. This baby’s got a lot of dark hair—see, Mom?”

And lastly, I remember your bloody, screaming face appear over that little blue curtain. I’d never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I've been MIA the past week--we've been quite busy getting ready for a certain almost-one-year-old's first birthday. In between those preparations, we took advantage of the warm weather (LOVE when it's 70 degrees in early March!) to head up and visit my folks on Saturday, where mom took the photo below of Aiden crawling in the kitchen. She sent it to my aunts, one of whom remarked that Aiden's toofers looked like he was getting ready for the Easter bunny!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The ABC Dance

Yup, another video. We've been spending a lot of time on the kitchen floor lately, as Aiden likes to hang out in the kitchen when I'm doing dishes or working on stuff for his party. It's also a good place for Mommy to get down and play with him, though she's concerned about the amount of Cheerios she seems to have missed when she was cleaning up. Anyways, yesterday Aiden brought the "Alphabet Pal" caterpillar with him, and every time it would play the ABC song, he would start waving his arms. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you "The ABC Dance." :)

ABC Dance from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.
And just because you've all been so nice & interested, here's another (better quality) video of Aiden "walking;" too bad it doesn't end as nicely :)

Taking a Tumble from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.

You know you're a mom...

...when stuff like this gets you pretty excited:

A $5 and $3 coupon for Huggies diapers!

Moms, if you're interested, just head over to and print them out. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Your wallet will thank you, I promise :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Step Closer

I spent most of this weekend battling the same cold Aiden had all week. I'm sure hoping it's on its last legs because this has been a rough one--lots of congestion and just an all-around nasty feeling. I did manage to get some more tasks finished in preparation for out little guys first birthday party--can't believe that's in less than two weeks now!
This weekend's other major development is Aiden's ability to "walk;" I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of what he's doing in the video below. Enjoy!

Walking the Line from Kimberly Cotter on Vimeo.