Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Work has slowed down a bit for me this week (a welcome change, as all of you who know the details of the past two weeks can attest). Unfortunately, though, the extra time on my hands now has me wondering about . . . stuff. Like, for instance, the fact that Mike & I want to buy a house. Rumor has it that I'm a pretty impatient person (so is Mike--no wonder we're each other's perfect match!), so once we started talking about the fact that we never want to rent again, I wanted the house immediately. Such is not reality, however; we've got some debt to pay down first before we take on that much more. We hope to begin looking earnestly in the spring, and we're thinking the Westerville area as of right now. The whole house thing really affects the other "stuff" I've been wondering about . . . kids (now don't have a heart attack--it's not in the immediate future). In discussions we've had, I've told Mike that I'd like to have a house before we think about starting a family, but also that I'd like to have at least one child by the time I'm 30. So I guess that gives us a good three years. It's so funny the different perspective marriage has given me; before I met Mike, this stuff wouldn't even have been on my radar. It's like getting married has somehow given me license to think about it. Weird.

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