Thursday, July 20, 2006

Take THAT, Verizon!!!

So some of you know I was pretty upset last week with Verizon, our wonderful cell phone service provider. Mike went into a location to get a new phone (he was due--his other one was literally a piece of crap); we planned on him getting his new phone and then getting a free one for me, as was their promotion. Well, they informed him that only new customers could receive the free phone, so I was out of luck. I was pretty mad because I had gotten my hopes up; my frustration was rooted in the fact that I HATE my current phone (Motorola just SUCKS), so I was pretty upset. Well, yesterday I went on Verizon's Web site to update my last name & address (I think I'm finally done doing that!), and discovered that even though I had not yet had my current phone for two years, I was still eligible for a $100 credit towards a new phone. So I shopped a bit and discovered that just by ordering online, I was also eligible for a $50 discount. To end my story, I got the exact same $150 phone that Mike got last week FOR FREE, simply by going online!!! And it arrives tomorrow!!! TAKE THAT, VERIZON!!!! The moral of the story, I suppose, is to order your next new phone ONLINE!!!

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