Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Just saw "Superman Returns"...

...and I think it is THE BEST MOVIE I have seen in a LONG TIME. Seriously, they nailed it. I almost cried during the opening credits, especially with the music blaring that oh-so familiar theme and the block-letter names flying towards the audience. It reminded me of Sunday evenings long ago when Mom & Dad would let us stay up to watch special presentations of the old Superman movies. We'd all have on our PJs (the ones with the footies!), and if we were really lucky, Mom would even make popcorn (sometimes throwing it in a paper bag with butter and cheese--mmmmmmmmm). I think the nostalgia was what brought on the near tear-flow. But anyways, definitely a great way to spend a few hours--GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!


  1. Yes, I got chills during the opening credits-- I felt like a kid! Mmmmmmmmmm popcorn with butter and cheese! The movie was GREAT and I can't wait for the next one!

  2. I still need to see this. We will probably have to wait for it to be a dollar flick, though. But I am going to go make some cheesy popcorn now!

  3. I WANT TO SEE IT!!! :-D Hey, I dunno, but I might be coming up Saturday night (with John or not), taking you up on that "Mike" fix! We should do something...