Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Taking a break

Okay, folks, thinks have been going CRAZY here at work for awhile, so to take a breather, I found this little surveyish thing to do. I think everybody should do it (everybody being you, Heidi & Megan, since you're the only two I know who have one of these). I'll be looking for yours in a blog near me! :)

I AM: a wife (worked hard for that one!); an editor; an OSU grad and unflinching Buckeye fan; a friend; a dreamer

I WANT: for Mike & I to find the perfect house for our budget; to have kids someday; to make those I care about laugh and smile; a million dollars (had to say that one!)

I HAVE: the most WONDERFUL husband anyone could ask for; 1 very wired kitten; 1 visibly depressed cat (it's really killing me that Callie doesn't seem to like me anymore); an amazing family that I appreciate more everday; a sometimes-frustrating sense of responsibilty

I WISH: that I could stay motivated in certain areas of my life; I could be more assertive; that my husband didn't have to work so hard; I could snap my fingers and the bathroom would clean itself

I HATE: MICHIGAN; disorganization; the current white house administration; when I say the wrong thing and know I can't take it back; having to work late when it seems it won't really help in the long run

I MISS: Mike, when I'm not with him; that childhood certainty that everything's going to be okay; family & friends that I don't see often enough

I HEAR: right now, the AC & the sound of someone stamping "APPROVED" on pages here at work

I WONDER: if someday our children will be the same idiot teenagers to us that we were to our parents; what's for dinner tonight; whether I'll be dumb enough to come in and work this weekend; whether the Buckeyes can truly pull off another National Championship this year

I REGRET: some of the wrong things I've said or done, especially recently

I AM NOT: afraid to be a geek out in public anymore!; a snitch; closed to suggestions

I DANCE: pretty badly; any chance I get!

I SING: horribly; in the car

I CRY: at a lot of movies--not just the super sappy ones; when I really care about something or someone; sometimes alone

I AM NOT ALWAYS: who I want to be

I WRITE: here on my blog; emails

I CONFUSE: myself, a lot

I NEED: my husband; my family; to know that I am love and appreciated; to sleep with some kind of blanket at night; the internet

I SHOULD: go back to work; eat better and exercise; go to the store

I START: a good book and can't put it down until I'm done (Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code); organizing things and can't stop!

I FINISH: hoping that you learned something small about the person that I am! And remember, GO BUCKS!! :)

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  1. AAAHHHH!!! It's like an email forward!!! Run away!!!! But don't worry. I'll do it when I get half a chance!! :)