Monday, December 12, 2011

10 Things I Think I Think, I'm Sick AGAIN Edition

10. Sad that I end up doing these lists either when I'm home sick, or home with sick kiddos. Obviously from the title, this time it's the former. Sore throat, throbbing ears, pounding headache, and a fever that had me laying on the couch all day yesterday. Doctor's appointment this afternoon--hopefully she can fix me.

9. Sent the boys to the sitter this morning. I figured I was already paying for it, and I was hoping to take a nap, but the timing of my dr. appt killed that plan. Oh well. Might as well keep them on schedule.

8. THISCLOSE to pulling the trigger on a Kindle Fire. It's my present to myself for doing so well with Scentsy over the past two weeks. Plus I love how it's pre-loaded with a ton of children's books, so looks like A & N will be getting some use as well.

7. Can't figure out how Christmas is less than two weeks away. Maternity leave throughout December last year meant I could really soak in the holidays; now I feel as if I trying to jam it all in. Probably why I'm sick. *SIGH*

6. Still trying to process the changes my employer began outlining last week. I don't typically talk about work on here, and thus I will remain strategically vague, but it is public knowledge. I totally understand why it had to happen, but nonetheless, a few of my friends and coworkers lost their jobs. Such a weird dynamic being thankful that I still have my own job, and feeling so terrible for those that got bad news.

5. Nolan has his own little language. With Aiden, we when straight from "MaMa" and "DaDa" to "Why yes, Mother, I'd love a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios!," so it's fun to listen to Nolan telling us all about his day in words & syllables we can't understand. He's got such conviction when he speaks to us--I smile just thinking about it.

4. Aiden had a checkup for his collarbone last Friday; his healing is going wonderfully well. He no longer needs to wear the brace at night, and on Christmas Day, he'll be done with it for good. Can't say I'll miss that thing.

3. Excited to be able to see all my sisters & brother again in just a few weeks. Christmas makes me insanely excited, as do my impending 10 days off work. :):):):):):):):):):)

2. Just remembered I have tickets to another OSU basketball game next month. The only thing to be excited about in January.

1. When Aiden went to the ER for his collarbone, he weighed in at a whopping 26.2 lb. A few days later when I took Nolan to the pediatrician for a nasty cough, he weighed in at 21.5 lb. That's only a five-pound difference, and they're two years eight months a part. I think Nolan might catch up to Aiden by the spring. Things could get very interesting around here...

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