Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend

My little sister got married this past weekend.

I bet my folks are basking in the glory of marrying off their fourth (and final) daughter right about now. :)

It was a GREAT weekend. Abby & Sean really lucked out on the weather (especially for November in Ohio), and everything went off without a hitch (well, maybe a bit of a stretch for the guests between the ceremony and the reception entrance, but you'll have that. Photos and all.). The food was yummy, the venue was ah-mazing (haunted prison, anyone?!), and the music was bumpin'. A good time was had by all.

As a bridesmaid, I was only able to whip out my camera to catch some of the prep (see here) and then again at the reception. And I guess I'm pretty lucky there aren't any tagged photos of me shaking my sh*t dancing on Facebook (yet).

Brief synopsis aside, and because I know the folks who want to see ALL the photos have probably visited my FB album, here is a brief smattering of a few of my favorite images:

Cupcakes. So many cupcakes.

Me & The Mister

First dance. I didn't get that many photos of the happy couple because they were SO BUSY.

My brother & I have a decided inability to take a normal photo. :)

Special moment: We surprised Megan with the father/daughter dance 
she didn't get to have at her reception 7 years ago because 
Dad was still recovering in the hospital after a car accident. Not a dry eye in the house. :)

Me & my No. 1. He had a BLAST. Nolan did, too, but sans photos. :)

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