Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Things I Think I Think, It's-Almost-Turkey-Day Edition

10. I. Am. Exhausted. My sister's wedding zapped all my energy, and even led to a sore throat and sinus issues that kept me home from work on Wednesday. Slowly starting to feel like myself again, though,which is good because...

9. ...I NEED to start working out. No more excuses (wedding is over, and my post-baby schlub did wonderful in helping me keep my dress up). I've got about 20 lbs I want to shed, and I just need to eat better in general. Also, there are several weight-loss success stories out there in blogland that have inspired me. So here goes nothing.

8. Despite #9, I WILL be pigging out on turkey next week. It's a holiday, folks. I'm going to enjoy myself. And then it will be back to work the next day.

7. Oh, my (football) Buckeyes. Abby's wedding allowed me to miss our frustrating showing at Purdue last weekend, which was probably good for my blood pressure. We need to make those extra points, guys. You proved it. On the bright side, I'm so excited for basketball this season! Even scored tickets to the Duke game on Nov. 29, and the Buckeye Bash beforehand. STOKED. :)

6. It makes me sad when I have to lower my expectations for people. And I'm going to leave that to all its cryptic mysteriousness.

5. The older I get, the more I enjoy visiting with friends and family. Abby's wedding was ridiculously fun mostly because I got to see so many special people at the same time.

4. Nolan started this new constant yelling thing the other day. It's as cute as it is obnoxious. I giggle at him because he's so intent on making noise, but at the same time, be quiet already, kid!

3. Aiden is really enjoying his swim lessons. With his lean build, maybe this could be a good thing...

2. Disappointed with some of the writing on NCIS this season. Those actors are better than the scripts they're being given. There have a been a few bring spots, but also a few stinkers with predictable plot lines and out-of-character situations. Crossing my fingers they haven't jumped the shark, but it IS the ninth season, after all.

1. Getting excited for Christmas. I've got all my holiday scents from Scentsy ready to use, but I just can't bring myself to do it until after Thanksgiving. Giving thanks that it won't be much longer...

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