Monday, November 14, 2011

My Week (17) in Droid Photos

Or,I-Mostly-Took-Photos-Related-To-My-Little-Sister's-Wedding-But-Forgot-to-Whip-Out-My-Phone-For-REALLY-Good-Photo-Ops-So-All-You-Get-Is-A-Small-Taste Edition.

Sunday 11/6/11: Photo fail.

Monday 11/7/11: Swim lessons resume, and Aiden did SO WELL.

Tuesday 11/8/11 & Wednesday 11/9/11: More photo failure.

Thursday 11/10/11: Unexpectedly got to pick up Big Sis & nephew Finnian 
after her day of flight cancellations & airport pages.

Friday 11/11/11: Setting up the reception at the Mansfield Reformatory. Awesome venue.

Friday 11/11/11: They filmed "The Shawshank Redemption" here, and it's HAUNTED. Sweet.

Friday 11/11/11: Cheesin' at the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday 11/12/11: Wedding day! The Bride getting her hair did. And that's all I managed to get on my phone. :(

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