Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Big Ouchie

I expected to be doing a different kind of post today--one about how proud I was of the Buckeyes for making yesterday's game vs. scUM more interesting than anyone had ever hoped, and about how I'm really looking forward to the impending Urban Meyer as the new head coach announcement, as well as the small possibility of meeting him Tuesday night before the OSU-Duke basketball game. But yesterday we got thrown a bit of a curveball.

Abby & I were getting ready to drop Nolan off with Mimi for a little while so we could set up our Christmas trees for toy donations at work. Aiden had already spent the night at Mimi's, so we were going to pick the both of them up when we were finished and head to Angie's to watch THE GAME. While we were getting in the car, though, we got a call from Mimi that Aiden had fallen off one of the kitchen chairs, and was complaining that he couldn't move his arm.

{Cue crazy Mommy driving}

We arrived at Mimi's, and sure enough, my little guy was crying and keeping his arm quite still. We wasted no time heading to Children's Hospital, and probably looked quite silly walking into that ER decked out in all our Buckeye gear. Abby was a saint for going with us so she could watch Nolan in the waiting room while Mimi & I headed back with Aiden.

He was SO BRAVE. Definitely scared, but brave none the less. He even made silly faces will they were taking the "pictures" (X-rays) of his shoulder. It wasn't very long before we received the diagnosis of a broken right clavicle, which would you believe is the most common type of pediatric bone break? The PT guy came in and showed us how to put on his sling and harness, which has to wear 24 hours a day for the next two weeks, and then only during the day for two weeks after that. Gonna be interesting for a three-year-old. Then they gave Aiden a popsicle, a Matchbox car, and a coloring book, and we were on our way.

So now we have a bit of a wrinkle of for the rest of our holiday season. No worries--this will be something to look back on and giggle about later. And it cracks me up that Aiden LOVES to look at the print-out of his X-ray that clearly shows the break. Such a BOY.

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