Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not exactly helpful :)

Another weekend, another list of things to do. Hoping to get ahead on our chores (and while Mike is out on lake patrol this morning), I did my motherly duties, including changing Aiden's sheets. I placed his entire basket of dirty laundry out in the hallway and stepped back in his room to empty the diaper pail. As I made it back out into the hallway, I was greeted with this sight:

Not exactly helpful, but pretty darn cute. :)

Another weekend means a lot of stuff to do, and today is no exception; Mike is patrolling with the Coast Guard Auxillary for a good part of the day, while Aiden & I are headed to a pool party with Lawrene, Quentin, Angie & Rachel. This evening, I've got a bachelorette party. Here we go...


  1. My weekend is actually relaxing. We've done so much home improvement over the last couple of months, so we need it.

    Can't believe we'll in in Ohio in just a month! Can't wait to see mobile Aiden.

  2. Enjoy your busy weekend.

    And, at least they were dirty clothes and not clean and folded clothes.