Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a Game...Except for the End

You'll have to forgive me if when you read this post, it feels as though I'm yelling at you. I think I did some serious damage to my hearing last night, but it was so, so worth it. For a glorious majority of last night's OSU-USC game, I was a part of the largest crowd in Ohio Stadium history (and that's saying something, folks), cheering relentlessly for my Buckeyes as they nearly pulled off a stunning victory in a game in which the "experts" had chosen them to get killed. Angie & I agreed that even scoring our first touchdown was a moral victory--it gave us more points than we had scored in all of last year's game! Ladies & gentleman, let me assure you of one thing: the fans showed up last night. I still get goosebumps thinking about screaming at the top of my lungs, then looking around to see all my fellow Bucknuts doing the same during every USC offensive play. The defense did me proud, and while the offense could have done better, they were hampered by some questionable play-calling. The most frustrating thing was that as soon as USC began their last possession, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and I even kept repeating to myself "Not like this..." Ultimately, though, I guess the reason I'm not as bothered by this loss as I have been with more recent big games is because it was a GAME, not blowout. Those boys played their hearts out, and I for one will give them the credit they deserve. On to next week, then--GO BUCKS!!! BEAT TOLEDO!!!
While I'm trying to nurse both my throat and ears back to health, I've got to get Aiden ready for his first day at his new daycare tomorrow. It seems that my little munchkin has reached another milestone, too--he's 18 months old today!

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