Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eight Months Old

Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but...

 ...have you seen my baby?

Yeah, me neither.

Okay, so maybe that was just a touch melodramatic. But for reals, it does seem a bit like I'm losing out on Justin's babiness pretty quickly. He's still wonderfully squishy and cuddly, but his face is losing the infant look, and he's hellbent on becoming mobile.

At eight months, Justin:

--is probably 20 lbs. No weight check for a few more weeks, so it's still guesswork.
--fits a little too snuggly into his 9-month clothes.
--has been backing off on his bottles as he decides he likes the taste of real food so much better.
--gums on mum-mums, but still has trouble with puffs. We keep trying.

--has three teeth! His first on top pushed through a few weeks back, and he's working on Number 4, that upper's neighbor.
--is THISCLOSE to mastering unsupported sitting. I can actually leave his side now while he's upright, but there's still a pillow behind him just in case.
--has been trying to shake some congestion since last week, so not a lot of smiling in this month's pics. He's coughy and phlegmy, but in true Justin form, it hasn't really affected his mood.
--isn't crawling quite yet, but desperately wants to be more mobile than he is. Apparently he has places to go and people to see.

--has expanded his vocabulary with the repetitive "deh-deh-deh-deh-deh-deh..."
--has been more into his toys lately. He LOVES the baby piano we bought when Nolan was little. He seriously bangs on those keys like he's a tiny Liberace.
--constantly does that happy, excited baby thing where it looks like he's gripping the handle bars of a motorcycle. LOVE IT.
--can't pick an eye color. I know they won't be blue, but maybe hazel? brown? green?

--makes us all smile and giggle daily.

Check out how he compares to Aiden and Nolan at eight months. :)

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