Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear Ohio State Defense: Let’s try a bit harder vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl than we did during the B1G Championship, shall we? I know your hands are tied even further without Spence and Roby…well, maybe not so much Roby. He’s been phoning it in all season, so why should we feign surprise that he’s “injured” for his last collegiate game??? Regardless, put up a decent effort tonight so we can win our last BCS game. ‘K, thanks.

Dear 2014: I’ve got big plans for you. And the key is that they’re POSITIVE plans. Don’t try to feed me (and my friends!) any of the negative crap that 2013 did. I’ve had enough of that BS to last for a while.

Dear Last Six-Pack of the Season of Great Lakes Christmas Ale: Having to give you up until November might actually hurt more than taking down the Christmas tree & getting the house back in order. I’m going to savor your liquid happiness this weekend before bidding you a teary see ya later.

Dear Nolan: I may be putting too much pressure on the special needs preschool we’re trying to enroll you in to help you grow. I know they’ll do wonders for your speech delay, but I can’t help but be hopeful they’re more successful in getting you to respect or at least acknowledge authority. No matter what happens, though, we all love you the way you are. :)

Dear January Weather: I get that it’s winter and all, so freezing temps and snow really should be expected, but is it really necessary on the day of Aiden’s first swim lesson next week for the forecasted high to be NEGATIVE ONE DEGREE?! Couldn’t you pick another day to freeze our butts off??? Just sayin’.

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