Monday, January 26, 2015

...hullo? this thing on???

So, I totally didn't mean to go on a hiatus.

For over a year.


I think I just became a victim of life getting in the way, you know? But I have missed visiting my little blog and using it to keep track of all the things happening in my family's lives.

We're all good around here; Aiden's nearly 7 and rocking the 1st grade, Nolan's 4 and getting ready to head to preschool, and Justin is earning his stripes as our very fiery two-year-old.

Mike & I celebrated the ten-year anniversary of our first date (!!!!!) in December.

I started a little business back in March, and much to my surprise, it's really taken off!!!

Oh, and I would be totally remiss if I didn't mention I spent A LOT of time watching my most favoritest team EVER have a pretty great season...

But there'll be time in the future to discuss all of these things if I can remember to get on here & post.

So I'm coming back. Hopefully you don't mind. :)

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