Saturday, December 15, 2007

Can't wait until Christmas!

Throughout our relationship, Mike & I have been notoriously bad at waiting until Christmas to give each other our gifts. This year we had EVERY INTENTION of waiting for the big day--but it hasn't happened (surprise, surprise!). I think we just get so proud of ourselves and excited to see the other's reaction that we just can't wait. So far (that's right--I still need to get him more!), I've gotten Mike a cordless Craftsman drill/flashlight and a bit set. In the picture is what I've gotten--the awesome OSU diaper bag, the OSU watch I've been wanting, and the bear wearing the "OSU Mom" sweatshirt (notice a pattern?). He already was, but this officially makes Mike the BEST HUSBAND EVAH!!!

1 comment:

  1. Now I know not to get you a diaper bag :)

    Just got done wrapping all of our presents. We will need to close off our office room from the kitties this week so they don't try to steal the bows off of them! Repete already stole one from me today, and took it under the bed with her before I could catch her :)