Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Blizzard and Big Baby News

I remember being at work yesterday while some folks were commmenting on the weather forecast of 8-12 inches of snow for the Columbus metro area. We figured we'd probably only get 2-4 inches since those forecasts usually don't pan out. Boy were we wrong--our storm total, a mere 28 hours later, has been reported as 20.4 inches!!! I had to have a talk with Aiden about not making an early appearance since we're pretty much snowed in here at the Cotters' house.
Speaking of coming early, though, that's exactly what Aiden is now scheduled to do; we're heading to the hospital Wednesday morning for an induction. I'm not going to go into great detail; basically, Aiden is measuring about 38 weeks (right on target), but I'm only measuring 35 weeks, so he's getting squished and my placenta isn't keeping up. My doctor's not gravely concerned or anything; it's just easier on him to get him out of there. So this will probably be my last pre-baby blog; please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!


  1. Can't wait for the next blog entry!!!!!

  2. Can't wait to be grandma again!!!

  3. How exciting, Kimmie!!! I'm praying for you!