Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cotter Baby Shower

On Sunday, I had my third (and final!) baby shower, thrown by my mother-in-law, Mary Lou (or MiMi, as she will soon be known to Aiden). It was a great time!!! The food spread was perfect (I especially liked the no-bake cookies--I'm still eating them five days later :)), and the company was great. Thanks to Mary Lou for all her hard work and planning, especially since she woke up with a cold the day of the shower! I can't even begin to explain how generous everyone has been, and how flattered Mike & I are by that generosity! Aiden is going to enter a world filled with the love of family and friends :)


  1. I can't want to come up there in mid-April to see my nephew!

  2. I see you chose the pics where you didn't have your legs wide open!