Monday, February 11, 2008

Celebrating "The Devil Didn't Get Us"

Mike & I headed up north to Mansfield on Sunday for the annual "The Devil Didn't Get Us" dinner; it's a family "celebration" that my parents survived a terrible car accident four years ago. Abby wrote a pretty good synopsis of the events and even posted some photos of the mangled car here if you'd like to read more about it. Anyways, I pretty much take NOTHING for granted anymore when it comes to my folks, and it's always good to head to the Brown Derby Roadhouse! Yes, that's Mom with a beer--not to worry, though; she was only taking a sip (she doesn't drink), but I asked her to pose with it just 'cause it struck me as hysterical :) Dad, however, did drink the whole thing down. With six weeks left, though, it was hard to watch him do so because I am soooooo craving a beer!!!
In baby news, Mike & I washed all of Aiden's clothes and bedding over the weekend, and I also figured out how to install the car seat. Just a few more things to knock off my to-do list...


  1. Ha! Mom looks hilarious with that beer!

    Wish I was there to pig out with you guys :)