Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Kid is So Freakin' Cool

For dinner last night, I got out a jar of Aiden's favorite--sweet potatoes. It's a standby--something he always loves. Well, we were not even two spoonfuls in, and suddenly he's all raspberries, spitting them out at me and giving me the what-were-you-thinking? look I'm learning to love so much. So I go back to the cupboard and grab a jar of pears and he Gobbles. It. Down. Seriously--you would have thought it was Thanksgiving again. Since the sweet potatoes were still on the table, I tried them again, and after two spoonfuls, back came the raspberries and the questioning look. I just love that he's learning to communicate. :)
I had this grand idea that I'd get Aiden to switch to a sippy cup with no problem. So much for that. He likes to hold it in his hand well enough, but other than that, he pretty much shuts down when you put it near his mouth. As with most of his milestones, all in good time.
Another thing we're eagerly anticipating is our sweet little guy crawling for the first time. He's SOOOOOOOOOO close; I have the camera on hand at all times now, and because of that, I was able to get this photo after he wedged himself under the couch last night. Such a stinker. :)


  1. Rachel has just started the raspberries when she doesn't like the food I give her. I am covered in squash thanks to that little discovery. She still likes sweet potatoes, but I fear that will end eventually. Unlike her mom, she loves fruit.

  2. Oh the raspberries...and they think they are hilarious!!

    The crawling will come, and then you will think "drat, that kid used to stay where I put him...what happened!"