Saturday, December 20, 2008

Needing a Change of Luck

So the past two weeks have pretty much been awful. Read on for the craziness:

--Monday 12/8: Emergency doctor's appointment for me. Don't get scared, it turned out not to be serious, but there are some details that NO ONE should share on their blog.
--Tuesday 12/9: Sick day. Just didn't feel right.
--Wednesday 12/10: Hot water tank is leaking. Perfect.
--Thursday 12/11: My half-day work-from-home turns into a 3/4-day work-from-home since the guy they sent to fix the water heater was late. And then he overcharged us; we've now paid more out-of-pocket for problems with our house that our home warranty was supposed to cover than was paid for the actual warranty. Doesn't seem to make sense to me. Luckily we've got some help in fighting this.
--Friday 12/12: Mike has the flu and is MISERABLE. I end up having to take Aiden in to his pediatrician because he has decided he doesn't like eating anymore.
--Saturday 12/13: I go in to work to try to help us make a deadline, but end up having to go home because I, too, now have the flu. We send Aiden over to Mimi's so we don't give him any of our sickies.
--Sunday 12/14: Much-needed day of rest.
--Monday 12/15: I take Aiden in for his nine-month checkup to discover that at 16.5 lbs, he's in the 3rd percentile for weight. Small to say the least. Dr. Brown would like to see him again in 6 weeks as opposed to three months to check that he's gaining weight. I feel like the worst mom in the world.
--Tuesday 12/16: My mom calls me at work to tell me that my uncle has unexpectedly passed away. This was definitely the worst day because he was a perfectly healthy and happy man. Punch to the stomach for me, but I can relate a bit to how my aunt and cousins are feeling as I was THIS CLOSE to losing my dad a few years ago...
--Wednesday 12/17: I don't even remember this day.
--Thursday 12/18 & Friday 12/19: In Ashland for my uncle's calling hours and funeral. He was a man to be admired and will definitely be missed.
--Saturday 12/20: I decide to take Aiden out to run a few errands while Mike is at boxing, and somehow I forget my cell phone. This is perfect, you see, because my rear tire blows out. And I can't call AAA because I don't have my cell phone--I can't even use a pay phone because I don't have any change, so I end up calling my mother-in-law collect who is gracious enough to come sit with me at Target while we wait for the tow truck to arrive.

Right now I would really like to crawl into bed and hide under the covers until January is here because this is getting out of control. Thanks for letting me rant about it a little bit. And I will now leave you with what is perhaps the funniest photo to date of my dear, sweet Aiden...


  1. OMG! I about fell off my computer chair laughing at this picture. I think his inner demons are showing up here. That looks like little evil Aiden. Hahahahahahah, your camera got that at the right moment and this will be fun to show him when he is older.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Kimmie. About all of it, but especially about the tire. Where were you?

  3. You have had prob. the worst week in history! That picture however is great. It looks like he just smelled his sock and is about to pass out. Talk about pee-u stinky feet!

  4. Oh honey! Goodness! That's been the week from hell! It sounds like you need a drink. Call us!

  5. Funniest picture ever! I am laughing...

  6. I'm so sorry you had that week, but you're a great mom! Hopefully this week will be better.

  7. Izzy was "underweight" for a while, too! The doctor made me feel like crap!

    Don' long as he is growing you are doing fine. But, a quick, easy thing to do is to add olive oil to his food. It will help put on some of the weight, and it's completely healthy for him. You could do real butter, too, but I think olive oil is better.

    Good luck!