Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Lucky Christmas

My new blog design really reflects how I felt this year as we celebrated Christmas--LUCKY.

We were lucky enough to get to see all of our parents, brothers and sisters and nephews, both on my side and Mike's side. For me, nothing tops family. :)

We were lucky to have a portrait session with the Cotter clan from which the photos are JUST awesome.

We were lucky to spend the holidays without a sickness, despite the warning from Aiden's daycare that there was both pinkeye and--GASP!--head lice roaming about (needless to say I had him out of there within an hour of receiving that e-mail notification).

We were lucky that the weather cooperated (which truth be told is always my biggest stresser).

We were lucky that our little Aiden started to "get" Christmas; he loved opening gifts & eating cookies, but could do without sitting in Santa's lap.

We were lucky to see my Aunt Kitty for the third time in as many months! That's a record!

We were lucky that my sister Heidi likes to make iced cut-out cookies, because we ate enough of them to last us until next Christmas.

We were lucky that despite Aiden waking up at 5 AM on Christmas morning, the only person he woke up was Mommy.

We were lucky that Aunt Angie brought Miss Rachel over for a visit, and she & Aiden were finally interacting on the level we talked about since we were pregnant.

And finally, we're lucky that we have another new year to look forward to! See you in 2010!!!

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  1. One lucky Christmas, indeed. I love the family picture you were able to get. It's hard for a lot of people to get a picture like that!