Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ten-Year Difference

This morning, I was sitting on the couch, rubbing Aiden's back to try to help him through a coughing fit & watching the news segments about New Year's Eve celebrations. Somehow, my mind wandered to New Year's Eve 1999, an evening when my mood was just horrible. I was a junior at Ohio State and had come home to spend the holiday with my family; we'd had the typical filet mignon & delicious spread prepared by my folks. Truth be told, I had a great time--until I headed up to bed before the ball dropped. Then I was alone with my thoughts, about how much I hated being single and had no clue about the direction of my life. I'm pretty sure I then rung in the new millenium by crying myself to sleep.
Flashforward ten years, and I can't believe the difference. I'm almost ashamed of how silly & naive I was back then. If only I could go back and tell myself to hang in there, that things were definitely going to improve; that in ten years, I'd be sitting on the couch in my own home, with a loving husband, a cute-as-a-button son, a good job, and plans to spend New Year's Eve 2009 at my bestest bud's house. (Oh, and that OSU was gonna win a National Championship the next year, so I should start saving IMMEDIATELY so I could head out to Tempe and witness it!)
It's scary that I'm at the point where I can think back on my life in ten-year increments. But I welcome retrospection, since it allows me to appreciate all that I've done to get where I am. Here's to looking forward to the next ten years, and all the mememories they will bring! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. I didn't think that OSU won the National Championship until 2003 (well, the 2002 season).

  2. The last 10 years have really changed a lot. Here's to an even better decade.