Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Sinus Infection from Hell

So last Sunday evening, I had to rush home from Angie's house, essentially ending my participation in our semi-annual Mommies' Playdate early, because somehow while watching "Year One" and drinking chardonnay, my throat caught on fire. Seriously. I almost didn't even say goodnight to Mike as I walked in the door because I needed to go to bed. Right. Then. Of course, I felt worse the next morning--a day off alone with Aiden. Luckily, he was content to let Mommy lay on the couch pretty much all afternoon; he even offered me more blankets every so often. So sweet. Tuesday brought no change, and even though I had every ambition of heading back to work on Wednesday, the coughing and ridiculously runny nose killed that plan. So I headed to the doctor & got the sinus infection diagnose (I giggled to myself because I could already see Mike's smug look when he found out HIS diagnosis was correct) & a prescription for antibiotics. I did go back to work on Thursday, but by lunchtime my boss told me I looked/sounded terrible and should probably go home. I didn't argue. I did make it back for a full day yesterday, but I think I was only operating at about 70%. Hopefully these darn meds will kick in soon because my throat still feels awful and the coughing is a killer.
I saw a lot of Aiden this week--no complaints here--and I am just amazed at how much this kid is picking up as far as talking goes. A few of his most recent "Aidenisms:"
--He walked up to me on Monday, wiped a booger on MY finger, and said, "Mommy, boogy--thank you!"
--While getting a diaper change, he tried to pull up his pants without the clean diaper on first. I told him, "You can't go commando!" to which he quickly smiled & replied "I want go mommando, Momma!"
--I showed him some scrapbook pages of his 1st birthday, and without missing a beat, he said excitedly, "Dat's piddy cool, Mom!"
--While pointing to our cat Callie's rear end, he says very animatedly, "Cawwie's butt dirty, Mom!"
--By far my favorite is that he's starting to say "I love you." Granted, it comes out "I buv you," but the sentiment is clearly there.
He's also been obsessed with going to play in the basement now that it's a safe room for him--he asks me if we can "go downstairs" before I've even got his coat on him to leave from daycare. And truth be told, it's cold in that basement, so we really need to get a space heater. But for now, we spend about an hour down there before Mommy needs to head back up & figure out what to do for dinner.
Time to go blow my nose & pop another cough drop--hope everyone else out there is healthier than me.

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  1. I feel your pain. I have a sore throat and cough that came on very suddenly. I stayed home Wednesday, went back on Thursday, and then had NO VOICE at work on Friday (it's still gone today). My throat hurt like hell yesterday from all of the abuse I gave it from talking at work.

    Hopefully on the mend now (again). Finnian doesn't have it, so it must be the antibodies he gets from me!