Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

The unofficial start to summer has DEFINITELY felt like just that--it's been a WARM weekend! We kicked it off by heading up to Mansfield to visit my folks on Saturday. Abby & Sean were there, too, and we let Aiden play outside in his new sprinkler. He actually received two of these as birthday gifts, so we're going to leave one at PooPoo's house and one at our house. As you can see, someone was in his element--Aiden LOVES water. He's hilarious to watch because he runs around with his mouth wide open and his tongue hanging out. So funny.
Yesterday was even warmer, so we went over to Mimi's house and played in the kiddie pool. Actually, Aiden wasn't all that interested in being in the pool; he preferred to fill up his toy watering can and water all of Mimi's flowers. No worries. Mimi & I didn't mind watching him while cooling out feet in the pool. Mike & I also took advantage of the Memorial Day sales to mark more items off our baby prep list; we were able to buy a new dresser for Aiden's new room and a new crib mattress for the new bundle. I *heart* saving money!
Today we woke up to a rather large, slow-moving thunderstorm. I was quite proud of my little guy for not being afraid in the slightest; even the loudest boomer only caused him to say, "Wow, that was a big one!" He's definitely got the advantage on me as thunderstorms usually scare the crap out of me. :) Even if it storms the rest of the day (which it just might), our outdoor plans aren't ruined; luckily our back porch is covered, so we can still enjoy a planned cookout with Abby & Sean.
I hope everyone else is having a beautiful holiday weekend!

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