Friday, February 18, 2011

4 Months Old


I'm just not ready for Nolan to be four months old. Today at his checkup, Dr. Brown was telling us all sorts of fun things, like Nolan is ready to try out rice cereal & oatmeal, and if he seems to really go to town with those, we could even attempt orange vegetables in a few weeks. But a little part of me died when he said all of that. I just wanted to run home with my baby and squeeze him in my arms just make sure he did in fact stay a baby. Don't get me wrong--the milestones are exciting and I'll treasure every one of them--but it's just going so fast. I open his baby book to write a new thing down, and I have to fight back tears. Perhaps it's because I know there's a real possibility that this is my last child, and I need to savor every second of this part of my life.

Now that I've sufficiently depressed everyone, let's talk about Nolan's stats. At four months, he:

--is 14 lb 14 oz (50th), 23 3/4 in (50th), but has a pretty big noggin (between 75th & 90th). There's a giant baby brain in there. :)
--has just this week (like Tuesday) decided he likes tummy time. It's kind of comical the way he looks around all wide-eyed, considering the way he used to bury his face in the carpet and scream. What's HILARIOUS is the way he'll toss his big head to the side to give him enough momentum to roll to his back. Cracks me up.
--has enough of a flat head that we had to talk with Dr. Brown about it. We're going to wait until his six-month check-up before we explore options (like a helmet--shudder), but Dr. Brown believes his new-found ability to roll will round things out.
--LOVES to chatter; he's typically either "ooooooo-ing" or screeching like a pterodactyl. The kid is not shy about talking.
--grabs everything he can reach and shoves it in his mouth. This includes my hair. And any earrings that I'm still wearing. Good times.
--had a full-on giggle fit the other night, courtesy of Daddy. So. Friggin'. Cute.
--is wearing six-month clothes, and filling them out quite nicely. Such a difference from his brother (Aiden is currently swimming in 24-month clothes--and he turns 3 years old next month).
--still a FANTASTIC sleeper. I can't possibly be thankful enough for that.
--has the best open-mouth, toothless grin I've ever seen. Just perfect.

Up next? We're attempting rice cereal TONIGHT. Updates to come :)

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