Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Born Every Minute

Generally, I avoid Lifetime like the plague; the constant barrage of damsel-in-distress or someone-done-her-wrong movies does not exactly appeal to this TV fanatic. That being said, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they'd be filming a reality series in my home town about something near and dear to my heart--labor and delivery. One Born Every Minute follows the L&D nurses and expectant parents at Riverside Methodist Hospital, which just happens to be where I had both Aiden AND Nolan. Want to hear the funniest part, though? I was actually called by the casting director to be on the show! Unfortunately, Nolan's C-section was scheduled for a week before filming was to start, so we "missed the cut." Too bad--Nolan coulda been a star! :)

I caught the first episode this week, and was surprised how emotional I got. Granted, I'm a big dork and usually get pretty teary every time the baby is born on A Baby Story, but with OBEM, it was much more personal because I had literally been in that location and interacted with some of the people on the show less than four months ago. I easily recognized the anesthesiologist as the one who took care of me, and Mike remembered some of the nurses from our marathon labor with Aiden. And when they showed the operating room for the C-section, I could pretty much smell the weird scent of surgery. So yeah, I was pretty much a blubbering mess each time the baby was born. I thought the show did a GREAT job of portraying the nurses as caring assistants (even if their help was unappreciated by one couple, but I'm NOT about to open that debate here). I would HIGHLY recommend Riverside to anyone in my area who is expecting; if we ever decide to go for Baby Cotter No. 3, choosing a hospital won't be an issue for us. :)

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