Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Months Old

I really try not to be boring on here--my goal is definitely not to bore you with repetition. But seriously, every time I arrive at one of Nolan's monthly updates, I end up scratching my head as to how I blinked and a month went by? It's fantastic to watch our little guy develop, but it's also bittersweet in a way; he's so darned cute, and much like his brother will always be my baby, but watching him grow has me both excited and anxious about the months and years to come.

At five months, Nolan:

--is probably most definitely over 15 lbs. He. Is. A. Chunk. He's got such a solid build; the difference between holding gangly Aiden and then cuddling pudgy Nolan (despite the difference in age) is just crazy.
--has in the last month rolled both back to belly and belly to back. When he sets his mind to something, he does it.
--has had no problem W-H-A-T-S-O-E-V-E-R adjusting to rice cereal, then oatmeal, and then orange vegetables. I get some weird expressions the first time he tastes something, but then he's usually off and running. His "favorite" at this point seems to be sweet potatoes; he downed an ENTIRE jar tonight without a second thought. He probably wonders why I have to pick my jaw up off the ground every time he eats--if only he knew what we've gone through with his brother...
--seems to be rounding out that flat noggin a bit, just like Dr. Brown thought he might. We've been keeping him upright as much as possible, so it's all diligence over here.
--is looking more & more like he'll be a blondie. *SIGH*
--hovers between six-month and nine-month clothes. Since my seasons aren't matching up with Aiden's old clothes, I'm gonna have to go shopping for some summer duds. Darn. :)
--has eyes pretty much just for Mike. He LIGHTS UP whenever Daddy's around, and it couldn't make me happier.
--is probably working on some teeth. His hands are constantly in his mouth, and if there's something small within his reach, it'll be covered in slobber before you know what happened. We've also had a few random days of fussiness and red cheeks--symptoms that seem awfully familiar to this mama.
--takes all the frustrations of my day away with a smile and a giggle. :)

Next up for the younger munchkin? Green vegetables (I'm not rushing into those--we'll likely wait another month or so) and his 6-month checkup in April. It'll be interesting to hear how Dr. Brown thinks he's developed...

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  1. And, I'll try not to be redundant...but holy cow....5 months, already? Wow.