Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He's Friggin' Three Years Old...

I've come to the conclusion that nothing makes you feel older than your kid celebrating a birthday. That being said, we've got A LOT of birthdays ahead of us, so the dread of aging will continue. But on to more cheerful things: we celebrated Aiden's birthday on the actual date this year. Aiden had a blast, and I'm pretty sure all of the attendees did as well (including an over-tired Nolan, who held up just fine thankyouverymuch).

The party was all things Mickey Mouse, as is the birthday boy's current obsession. We enjoyed yummy pizza (thumbs up to Mike for his choice of Pizza Hut, which we haven't had in a LONG time), and we enjoyed yet another SPECTACULAR birthday cake by Angie. Along the way, Aiden opened all his very thoughtful gifts; he even got kiddie cornhole, which Mommy still thinks is just awesome. Our newly three-year-old got a bit tired along the way, which was not unexpected after losing that whole hour of sleep the night before for Daylight Savings Time. Another year gone--and I have a feeling this one will go even faster...

Here's a video of the much-anticipated blowing out of the candle. Notice the man-of-honor's creative attempt at getting the job done :)

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