Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Things I Think I Think, April '11 Edition

10. BEYOND excited that the weather is finally warming up. It’s supposed to be 82 degrees on Sunday. SQUEE!

9. They haven’t erupted yet, but I can see Nolan’s two front bottom teeth near the surface of his gums. He’s going to get his first teeth nearly two months before his brother did. And he’s been a great teether so far—all hands in the mouth, but not fussy at all. Such a sweet little guy.

8. When Aiden turned three, someone flipped a biological switch or something, because the temper tantrums have been EPIC. Seriously. I kinda knew it was coming since I had been warned three is more difficult that two, but wow, man. We’ve had some rough moments. I imagine this will all seem pretty silly compared to his teenage years…

7. I really need to get on this Dave Ramsey thing. I know several folks who have paid off all their debt, and how fantastic would THAT be? We have dreams of taking the boys on a Disney cruise in a few years, and I would love to pay for it up front. Time to start reading that book.

6. Mike is back in class. I’m so proud of him; he thinks he’s found a profession that really suits him, so he’s really enjoying his classes so far. It can be a bit rough for me since I’ve got to handle bedtime for both boys alone four nights a week, but it’s nothing I can’t handle, especially if it means he’s going to finish school. Love that man. :)

5. We got a pretty decent tax return this year (hello, two kids!), so we did the responsible thing and got a new roof on the house. We even went a bit green and got the energy-efficient shingles. Next up: new exterior paint and new shutters, and finally removing the EXTREMELY dated awnings from the windows. We’ll get this house out of 1964 yet!

4. Probably makes me an oddball, but one of the things I’m looking forward to most this summer is being able to mow the lawn! I was hesitant to do it last year since I was preggers with Nolan, but I just love that hour or so I spend cutting the grass. I feel like such a when I’m done—kinda like She-Ra. :)

3. I’m seeing a lot of showers in my future, and I’m not talking rain—two baby showers for my buddies having babies this summer, and a bridal shower for my sister in September. This is making the planner in me salivate at the mouth. I *HEART* PLANNING.

2. Excited to take Nolan to meet Miss Norah for the first time tomorrow. Also, I don’t know how she feels about it, but I’m excited for Norah’s mommy to return to work in a few weeks. :)

1. Dork Alert: I am LOVING the new story arc they’ve started on NCIS. The season finale is going to be awesome, but not so much the wait for the resolution over the summer. I love me a well-written show! :)

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  1. Dave Ramsey's ideas are awesome! We only have our mortgage in debt and it's so freeing! You'll be so much more relieved when you have less hanging over your head. It's a wonderful feeling.