Sunday, April 17, 2011

6 Months Old

Holy crap, we've reached the half-year mark. Un-freakin'-believable. And yet, life with Nolan has developed into such an easy routine that it almost seems like he's always been here. I LOVE opening the door to his room in the morning and being greeted by a happy baby who is ready to start his day. What's new is that I usually find him in a different location in the crib each morning. Seems like just last week that he couldn't even lift his head...time is definitely flying.

At 6 months, Nolan:

--weighs 16 lbs 10 oz (50th percentile) and is 26 inches long (50 percentile).
--thinks he's a pterydactyl. I'm not kidding. He screeches LOUDLY morning, noon, and night. It's both hilarious and incredibly annoying at the same time.
--is soooooooooo close to popping out two bottom teeth. I sure hope they erupt soon because the runny poos that keep leaking out of his diapers and staining all his clothes neon green are starting to get a bit old.
--gives me a "bring-it-on" look every time I try a new food out with him. He has even started grabbing my hand to bring the spoon to his mouth sooner when I'm not feeding him fast enough. Cracks me up.
--is working more on sitting unsupported. He's fighting me a bit on this, but he's also starting to come around as he's noticing he gets a better vantage point since he's a bit nosey like his mother curious.
--would make jumping his profession if he could. He is OBSESSED. If he's standing in your lap, he's going to force you to help him jump up and down. The strained muscles in my arms are totally worth those smiles, though.
--barely fits into his six-month clothes. We went on a bit of a shopping spree a few weeks ago to get him some 9-month outfits for the summer, but I'm thinking we'll need to make a second trip before too long to buy 12-monthers.
--is on his way to rounding out his flat head. Dr. Brown thought it looked at lot better at his check-up this morning, and I found him asleep on his tummy this morning. The more he stays off of it, the better.

We don't head back to Dr. Brown's for three more months, but Nolan should make great strides by then--eating fruits (we're starting that tonight) and beginning sippy-cup use. Next thing you know he'll be leaving for college...

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