Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Mondays should be this good

Aiden had his first dentist appointment yesterday. It was scheduled for an awkward time, so I decided to take the whole day off and spend it with just him. Best decision I've made in awhile, despite having to get hopped up on cold medicine to leave the house. I had been pretty apprehensive about taking him to the dentist since he won't let ANYONE near his mouth. So, true to form, what did Aiden do when the dentist asked him to open up? Well, he just opened that mouth as wide as it would go. He continually impresses me, that kid. And we had nothing but good news, too; Aiden's teeth & bite look great; it's obviously pretty early, but based on the shape of things now, the chances are good he won't need braces (like Mommy did).

The best part of the visit, though, was when we left; we had just said good-bye to Dr. Soult, and I was getting used to the idea that we might get out of there without some embarrassing 3-year-old comment, when Aiden looked at him quizzically and said, "Why did you take all the hair off your head?"

[insert my horrified giggling]

Dr. Soult was extremely amused, though, and answered that he took it off for the summer.


After that little episode, Aiden & I headed down to COSI to check out the dinosaur exhibit. Aiden LOVED it; I almost think I might have a future paleontologist on my hands. :) It was a wonderful afternoon spent with my guy, despite the summer head cold from hell.

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  1. haha! I would have died right there upon hearing what he told the dentist!