Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eight Months Old

Nolan jumped on a rocket ship at the end of May, and has been blasting towards the Big Boy Planet ever since.

I wish I could say I was kidding.

He's just been on a tear this past month with milestones, hitting things a quite a bit earlier than Aiden in some cases. While this wasn't unexpected (we've heard countless times about how Baby #2 does things faster), it's still a little tough to swallow. My baby doesn't seem to want to be a baby anymore. Which is also NOT to say I'm completely melancholy about the whole thing; yeah, it makes me a bit teary when he does something new, but I'm also ridiculously proud of him at the same time. Weird dichotomy.

Anyways, at eight months, Nolan:

--by my guess is around 18ish lbs (we don't go to the pediatrician for an official weigh-in until next month).
--popped out his first tooth Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and promptly popped the second one out two days later.
--CRAWLED. He freakin' crawled this week. As I entered it into his baby book, I peaked into Aiden's for a comparison, and discovered he's crawling a full three months before his brother.
--apparently decided the crawling wasn't enough, because the same evening, he went from a hands-and-knees position to sitting. Sheesh.
--fits comfortably in 9-month clothes.
--LOVES to clap, especially if you tell him "Clappa, clappa!" Sweetheart. :)
--tried eating a puff the other day. Not a fan. Guess we'll wait a little while longer on that.
--gets VERY angry at us if he's still hungry after we've emptied his food container. This kid puts it away.
--thinks that to stand or walk, he needs to be on his tippy-toes. Looks ouchy.
--is moving around so well that I had to lower his crib. YIKES.
--is slobbery & putting everything in his mouth again, so it looks like more teeth are eminent.
--is sans-smiles for his monthly photo shoot (as I'm sure you can tell) because the whole Cotter house has been fighting some cold symptoms.

I don't even want to think about what might be next; with the speed at which he decided to develop this month, I'm hoping that he's not asking Norah to their prom by the end of July. Sheesh.

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