Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eleven Months Old

Houston, we have an eleven-month-old.

You know how certain sights and smells bring back memories so strong that you swear you're having dejavu? I've been having a lot of that lately with the arrival of the fall weather; I keep thinking how pregnant & uncomfortable and EXCITED I was a year ago. And while I'm just as excited this year, right now I'm almost to the point that I can't say I have a baby anymore. Nolan is no longer my helpless newborn, nor my dependent infant. He's my bubbly, slobbery, squealing, silly eleven-month-old, and he's racing down the hill to his first birthday.

At eleven months, Nolan:

--is probably hovering between 20 & 21 lbs. He's heavy to me, and I notice it most when I have to hold him in one arm and then hold Aiden's hand with the other. OUCH.
--eats like a champ. No worries on this front. New favorites are Mum-Mums and Cheerios.
--LOVES his brother! When Aiden is crying, Nolan drops whatever he is doing, crawls over to him, and starts yelling "Ahhhhhh!" at him. SO CUTE to watch. :)
--has been walking behind a walker for a few weeks. He literally just decided one day that he could do it, and off he went.
--REFUSES to stand on his own. I know it will come, but he flat-out rejects any help from me in this arena. Oh well, he'll come around.
--has a favorite place to relax, and it just happens to be the place he's forbidden to hang out--the fireplace hearth. Aiden just LOVES to tattle on him. Drives Mike crazy. :)

Up next for Mr. Nolan? Oh, nothing much--EXCEPT HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!


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  1. I finally made it over here!

    11 months...already? It's not possible!