Sunday, September 4, 2011

"A Magical Age"

At least that's what Mike calls it (tongue-in-cheek, of course).

Slight disclaimer before I continue: I realize I may get some raised eyebrows for this post, so let me say up front that I'm just venting a bit. Now, back to it:

Who replaced my sweet Aiden with a preteen?

Seriously. Whoever invented the label "Terrible Twos" is a moron. Aiden was downright DELIGHTFUL for that year compared to when the switch flipped on his 3rd birthday, and suddenly he's all attitude and meltdowns.

Want a visual? In a typical day, in the space of 2 seconds, he goes from this:

to this:

You're lucky that I don't have a visual of the screaming fits. If I do or say something he doesn't like, He. Just. Screams. I can't get above him, and recently I've had to resort to just walking away, which makes him even angrier. He screams so hard that I'm afraid he's literally going to pop.

Is this just a normal stage? Because when Aiden's happy, he's an ABSOLUTE JOY. I couldn't have asked for him to have a better transition into the role of big brother. He walks up and randomly says, "You know I love you, Mom. We'll be best friends forever." And then he starts talking about the "phoneworks," which is own word for a cell phone tower (no idea where that came from?), but that's another whole post...

I just want us to be here more often:

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