Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Week (25) in Droid Photos

Sunday 1/29/12: This sweatshirt is 12 years old. Totally vintage.
Still works, though, as the Bucks beat M*ch*gan.

Tuesday 1/31/12: We brought Molly home. She acts like she's been here her whole life.

Wednesday 2/1/12: He did it all on his own. I promise.

Thursday 2/2/12: Walkin' the dog. She's still getting used to all the neighborhood canine action.

Friday 2/3/12: To the pediatrician after I worked from home for 3 days with sick boys. 
Both boys had a bronchial infection, but Aiden's sickies cleared up faster than Nolan's.

Saturday 2/4/12: Kristin and I waited in line for over an hour to get into the store 
at the Scentsy Spring Sprint. Beer was enjoyed afterward.

Saturday 2/4/12: REALLY wish his nasty cough would hit the road. 
He sounds like an old man with emphysema.

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