Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monthly Mumbles, April Edition

10. I bought my very first box of size 4 diapers yesterday. Aiden, in all his butt-less-ness, never got out of size 3 before he was potty trained. Nolan has a much more chunky tush, though, so we had to move on up.

9. I'm THRILLED that it's baseball season! It's so nice to have an option to watch a game on TV most evenings. And we're super-excited because we just bought tickets to take Aiden to his very first Cleveland Indians game this July, complete with fireworks afterward. He's pretty excited, too :)

8. It's supposed to be 80 degrees outside today. Glad I got most of my housework done yesterday! Might take the guys to a park while Mike's at work, but I'm not sure how dry all the equipment will be after yesterday's rain showers...

7. Don't know if I've ever mentioned it here on the blog, but my brother-in-law is a pretty kick-a$$ trumpet player. A few years ago, he had surgery on his lip for an embouchure injury, and he just completed writing a book about his experiences! If you're interested, check it out here--can't wait to get my copy as Denver has a unique sense of humor!

6. I noticed, while changing his diaper the other day, that one of Nolan's molars popped through. I had no clue. The kid's mood is regularly a roller coaster, so I can never tell if teeth are a factor. Guess I'd better give him a little more slack in the whining department as more are surely on the way.

5. I caved and started reading "The Hunger Games." I think I'm about a quarter of the way through, and I really like it, but with Mike's oddball work hours, it's been difficult for me to find time to finish it since I'm pulling a lot of single-mother duty.

4. Next weekend is going to be busy. I'm taking Aiden to the OSU spring game on Saturday ($5 tickets, anyone? At least if he hates it, we can leave and I won't feel like I wasted my life savings). Then Sunday, we have family pictures followed Aiden's buddy Quentin's birthday party. Which I just now realized I need to go buy a gift for. Crap.

3.In the evenings for the past few weeks, after the boys are in bed, Mike & I have been watching "Rescue Me" from beginning to end. GREAT show. The characters frustrate the hell out of me with their bad decisions, but the stories and humor are awesome. Makes me sad that when we're done, that's it--no new episodes.

2. Nolan pretty much refuses to use words. It's a little off-putting since at 18 months, Aiden was speaking in complete sentences, but he's always been a freak of nature when it comes to speech. I'm not really worried about it because Nolan knows a lot of syllables; he just doesn't want to repeat words back to you. Oh well. Every kid is different.

1. At 6 AM this morning, Aiden came in the bedroom to ask me if we could get his swim trunks on so we could go to his swim lesson. His lesson doesn't start until 4 PM. I think he likes them.

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  1. Rachel has been talking about swim lessons for DAYS. She is so excited.
    I was thinking about reading The Hunger Games too, since everyone has been raving about it. But unfortunately, I am currently engrossed in Quantitative Psychology, which let me tell you is sooooooooo interesting. =0P
    I may ask to borrow your copy when you are done. Hopefully I will be done with my project by then.